Do NOT read — TMI

The title alone should be warning enough, but if you continue to read past the line, you have no one but yourself to blame. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya!







Last chance …….


Okay, so as you all may or may not know, depending on what you read and remember, I have had my period since I was 8 (or 10, depending on the day you ask mom?). And I have a multitude of health issues, most not serious when under control. But for this I am going to be talking about my period.

So all great news when it comes to the fact I now have an end date,t least a time frame of when the end date will be for my hysterectomy. Some time in September, probably. Which will be an amazing birthday present. Until then, I still have to deal with getting my period. Fucking thing is damned annoying.

I JUST had the damned thing last month (shut it, I know it’s monthly), but it lasted almost 4 weeks, give or take a few days, and JUST ended less than 2 weeks ago. Which of course has thrown my schedule right out the door. If you go by my app, I was a week late, if you go by the actual last day of bleeding, I am a week early. Either way, it sucks.

Now, I get heavy periods, have them every single time, have even had a few scary heavy, but it is usually only one or two days that are that heavy, and never the first full day. I don’t usually count the “first” day if I started in the afternoon (3pm or so). that is just not a full day. It’s what I call “The gearing up for BAD” day.

So, when I started off really heavy after 2 days of very light spotting, I just assumed it was because doctor lady took a piece of my uterus as a souvenir. Then, today, It has been non-stop bleeding with leakage. Thing is, I use super-plus tampons, and when I change them they aren’t soaked enough for the leakage I am getting. I just don’t get it.

No, I am not peeing blood. I did think that for a tiny second, until I realized that there was no blood IN the toilet, just my liner. I am just damned glad I will have no more of this soon. I am pretty sure I will end up counting it down to the second. Once I get an actual date that is. Thinking the next few months will be the longest in my life!

I will knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder and any other think I can find or from suggestions, to say …. “So far this has NOT affected my mood in a negative way” Yeah, pain makes me grumpy, and my prescription isn’t dealing well with the pain, but I mean my OTHER mood problem. *crosses fingers*

See, my period usually pulls my mood down (low) the day before, and the way I had been for so many months, I admit, I am nervous. But so far so good?

OH! To top off this fun kettle of blood, my kidney keeps spasming and twinging. Feels like … well, not sure how to describe it, a dull then sharp pain that spikes down my spine and into my ovary/uterus/groin area (no pin point for this pain *shrugs*). I am going to assume that on Thursday at my CT scan, they will find Kidney stones? But whatever they find, at least it will be dealt with.

It’s just not fun having two problems at once. Hmm 3 if you count the fact my breathing tests are coming out low. But not enough to feel like I can’t breathe? Well, and my arm problem, but I am use to that now, as long as I don’t use it much it’s fine.


BUT, despite all of that, and even though I am grumpy from pain, I still feel like I am in a good place mentally. Happy even. Shockingly true. 😀


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