So many feeling, so many things

So many things going on in my life right now, some good, some unknown.

Let’s start with the unknown and get it out-of-the-way. My health, surprise, surprise. I have posted so much about my health I am sure you are all sick to death of it. The few of you who read my blog. So, as you know, I had a CT scan today. I have had one once before, I don’t remember when, or even why! It was back when I had really bad “Thyroid brain” as I call it. I have HUGE chunks of memories I could not hold on to during that 2 – 3 year (maybe 1 year?) period. Sucks, but it is what it is.

Last time it was just a quick plain scan (I think my lungs?), no contrast injection stuff. THIS time though, first they do a saline injection to make sure your veins are plump and the needle is in the right spot. INSTANT smell and taste, they say it’s metallic, I say it’s like burning wires. ICK! Then after the first non-contract scan, they inject whatever it is they inject and the warm sensation through different parts of your body … it is WEIRD. They said it’d feel like you are peeing yourself, and not sure that is the right description, but yeah, similar. It started in the back of my throat and it wasn’t unpleasant per se, but it was just very odd.

Then they did their long wait (5 min, not really long) and did the scan with contrast. BUT, apparently I have slow veins or some such thing, and they had to wait another 5 minutes and do a second scan. After all that, I was told the doctor would get the results some time tomorrow (Friday), maybe morning, maybe afternoon.

Left the hospital, went home, picked up kid, did some more running around (more on that in a moment), and came home, fell into bed and slept for 5 hours!

While I was sleeping (5pm) doctors office called, they have the results of the CT scan, and I need to call them tomorrow. I admit, I am a bit nervous. I mean if it wasn’t important wouldn’t they wait until tomorrow to call? BUT on the other hand, maybe they just wanted to reassure me that all was fine? BUT, then again, not leaving a message saying all was fine is more nerve-wracking than just waiting until the morning to call. So, that is why I say it is an unknown feeling. I am both worried, and not worried, all at the same time.


Now, as for the more or less “good news”, which also has mixed feelings, my son pretty much has a job. I say pretty much, rather than “does” because they still have to do the background check and call his references, BUT he has an 8 hour orientation tomorrow (Friday) morning, and then if the references and background check are good, he starts Saturday. So, yeah, he has the job so long as all checks out. Which it will. The boy never leaves the house so doesn’t HAVE a background. LOL and the references he choose will be glowing! (he may be gruff in his personality, but he is a DAMNED lovable kid! If I do say so myself. :D)

Not only is he 19 now, he also has will probably have a job! I am too young for this to be happening. Where has time gone? By the way? This is the mixed feelings part. On the one hand, I am very happy for him, and proud, and nervous, yet, I just am not ready for this stage of his life.

Oy! Can you imagine when he moves out, or gets married? I will die!


I think that stuff they injected with me has side effects? I feel almost like I am getting the flu or something? OH! And something they didn’t tell me (and I forgot to ask about), while in the waiting stage before the scan with the contrast, I had my eyes closed, and I could see the veins in my eye(s)/lids pumping in this weird bright glowing red. Was kind of soothing in a “what the hell” kind of way. Yep, I am a nut. Everything tastes like garlic? ICK!

*goes to Google* Gotta know what’s what, right?


Overall, a hectic day but not a bad one. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


In the time it took me to type all this, I have begun to feel sick to my stomach. Hope this passes SOON. Must have been the contrast stuff??

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