So I finally have a date for my hysterectomy. They just called to book it for me. I also have to go in a week before to meet with the anesthetist. I don’t recall ever having to do that before? Mind, I have only had 3 surgeries, and 6 procedures where I’ve been put under. Hmm that makes it sound wrong, oh so wrong. “She’s been a bad, bad girl, let’s put her under!” hehe

Tried to Google the doctor … no listing. :/ Not sure if that’s a good thing?

I am both very excited, and a bit nervous. May have to take my Always Keep Fighting shirt with me (If it gets her in time).

I know this will sound stupid coming from a forty plus year old woman, but it is going to be difficult to relax if I can’t find my teddy bear.

I’ll make this as short as I can …

Back before hubby and I were married, I had to have surgery on my foot. Hubby bought me a teddy to be with me (because he has a phobia of hospitals) when I was out of surgery (they let me take it in with me!).

Now, I have taken that thing with me to the hospital for any surgery or over night hospital stay, including when I was pregnant. Thing is, I passed it on to my son, and he has since out grown teddy bears, and has packed all of them away (or thrown them out), and so, I may not have my bear with me. :/

Yeah, it’s silly that a grown ass woman needs a bear, but it’s comforting!

And THAT is why I have some nerves about it. Stupid, and irrational I know. But it is what it is. I will get over it I suppose, and I do have a different teddy some where that hubby won for me awhile back. I can maybe dust it off for a one time use?

Besides not having my good luck comfort teddy bear, I am actually very excited for this to be done. I am so beyond ready to be done with all the health issues I have had from my uterus and ovaries attacking me. Mind you, I am keeping the ovaries, but they are going to remove the cyst(s) that are there. Yay!

Wow, a month until I am no longer a “real woman” (yes, I had one lady tell me that! HAHAHA Not insulted, just find that HILARIOUS!), like a uterus is what makes you a woman? I mean come on, there are other things BESIDES being able to pop out some squalling child, that makes a person a woman. Like boobs. 😀 (kidding, sort of.)

Now if you excuse me, I have a month to find me a bear! (and I need to do a happy dance…. And maybe lay off the coffee? Not helping my nerves at the moment.)

YAY! EEK! YAY! …. Oi!

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