Pre-op appointment update

So I had my pre-op appointment today. I was late (5 min), which I hate. I am THAT annoying person that shows up 15 -30 minutes early to EVERYTHING (and forces everyone else to as well). Which was fine, they were running about 20 minutes behind anyway, but I still hate being late!

Once I got into the appointment the bulk of it was with the nurse. Taking history and all that sort of thing. My meds, and health problems, weight *shudder*, you know, the usual. I LOVE their scale, want to bring it home!! THEIR scale says I am down to 194, AND she said with all I was wearing, I could subtract 10 pounds easy! WOOO

Blood pressure of course was excellent, it rarely gets above 120/70, unless active that is (I think?), it was 126/74 but I was answering questions and stuff so a tad higher is normal.

They will be doing the surgery laparoscopically, so it is longer, and being a smoking asthmatic that does mean a higher risk (duh, like I haven’t know that in the last 30 or so years and all the surgeries I’ve had? Please, I am no newb!)

I do have to admit though, I am no spring chicken any more, so it’s not like I think it will never happen. It’s just, well, it’s not something I will worry about. If it happens it happens, It’s a risk I am willing to take to be done with this.  Plus it is highly unlikely anything will happen.

Oh, the nurse also seemed concerned? cautious? overly interested in my depression situation? Kept saying poor girl to me, but she also called me young lady? (Had my Always keep fighting shirt on. Maybe she knows about it?) She did remind me that the anesthetic can make me weepy when I wake up, then wrote a novel, and told me not to worry, that she would be there for me. So, yeah THAT reassured me …. Will have to remember to tell hubby I might need to …. what? Be uplifted? left alone? Hmm we’ll see. No point thinking to hard on that until I know what happens. After all, I’ve been under many times before, hasn’t affected me except to sleep, not that I have noticed? hmm

I am allowed to take all my meds the night before and in the morning, though I do need to take my synthroid the night before rather than in the morning. AND they might keep me 2 nights rather than 1? Not sure why? AND no water after 12. THAT will be hard, I have water through the night. YIKES.

ALSO, they have me scheduled to remove the left ovary/tube as well? Umm no, just the uterus!! I told her that, so, she’s going to talk to doc. The anesthetist was nice. He didn’t say much though, just same questions she had, read her notes, and once again reminded me I was at a higher risk. Plus they both lectured me about smoking. pftt yeah yeah, like lectures work! HA!  I’ve quit once, I’ll do it again, eventually? Whole long story, not doing it unless hubby does.

They forgot to tell me when to show up and I forgot to ask. Ooops!! So I’ll phone tomorrow and check on that.

umm what else?

Oh, yeah, don’t need to take anything, besides toothbrush and paste, slippers, and a book. They have house coats, and I’ll have the gown on the whole time, but I will take PJ bottoms and extra soaks as my legs/feet do get cold easily. STILL haven’t found my teddy bear. 😦 Will take one of the other ones I have I guess? No jewellery and no makeup but will take my phone so I won’t be bored. I have a few books on my phone, and I have Guardians digital version, think I have the code for the hobbit and one other somewhere? Plus getting Ten Inch Hero in the next day or two and I think that has a digital copy code? OH, and I best get more music on my phone. Or make sure home computer stays on so I can be linked and get it that way.

But really? Chances are I will just sleep 90% of the time. Maybe get Mom and Hubby to sneak in a coffee. 😀

Oh, I guess I best figure out who will be dropping me off? And who might come visit, and who will be picking me up! yeah, that might be a plan. PLUS I best get the house cleaned up. Can’t do anything first week or two, then it’s about 6 – 8 weeks (or so nurse and the anesthetist said?)

So, yeah. Now after midnight, so this time next week I will be in the hospital. Most likely asleep.

I am nervous, I won’t lie. But, the desire to have this done is (for now) over shadowing that.

I might be getting sick. But dammit, I will NOT let myself, I will fight that big time. I am NOT postponing this surgery. GRRR



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