Well, since today is Sunday, that can only mean one thing (to me), tomorrow is Monday. And THAT means SURGERY DAY!! Thursday I was “tagged and released”, as we are lovingly calling my oh so beautiful pink plastic hospital bracelet with my code number. I got it when they took all my blood. Apparently it tells them I have been typed and screened and am ready for a transfusion if needed. The number of course is the file number with my information. Whatever! All I know is it is ITCHY. They could have made it just a smitch looser. 😦

All sorts of emotions, nothing overly strong though. No fear, no super excitement (the heart racing type). Just plain old “Let’s get this bitch outta me!” I did have some concerns for a while. But since I was “tagged and released”, people have seen my bracelet and one lady I use to work with WAY back in my waitressing days asked about it. Turned out she had exact same thing done last year. Now, what reassured me most, was her size. She isn’t THAT much bigger than me, but she is larger and had NO problems at all. AND now that I have my breathing under full *knock on wood* control, it all combined to take that nagging feeling way.

My only … concern (not really a concern, but can’t think of another word that is MUCH more mild) is not being able to eat (that’s fine) or drink (THIS is hard) ANYTHING after 11 pm tonight. I ALWAYS have water on my bedside, specifically for any coughing or dry mouth I get with my asthma. It’s under control for the time being, but it’s a “what if” at the back of my mind. I am sure gargling water – if I get dry mouth or an itch in my throat – will not be an issue (I’m allowed to brush my teeth and gargle for my meds).

I just hope I don’t forget in my sleep? I’ll take away my water bottle and leave a BIG assed note for myself JUST in case, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem? I wouldn’t be so paranoid if all the nurses and doctors etc didn’t all keep telling me all this little shit (wet bracelet, water, food, and some meds) could cause the surgery to be cancelled! Jerks!

Hell, I am EVEN going to try to not smoke AT ALL after 11pm. Not even a morning smoke … eek! BUT, I am taking my e-cig thing with me. (NON nicotine) That way after surgery I can have a “smoke” without getting sick. Yeah, I know. I’m addicted what did you expect? Hey, after my breast reduction I went out and had a smoke (against nurses advice). Learned the HARD way that was NOT a good idea! Which is why I’ll take the e-cig. It is just glycerol (sp?) and flavour, no nicotine or other crap. But will hopefully cure the craving? It’s my hope any way.

*waits for the lectures to be done ……

Look, I KNOW all the stuff. I get it, but lectures don’t work OR help. I’ve quit once, for a year. And maybe, one day I will do it again but permanently. I have my reasons, and yeah. *shrugs*

So, yeah. Tomorrow around this time, chances are I will be out cold and having my uterus removed! I’d say wish me luck or something, but as nice as that is? Doesn’t really do much! LOL

OH! In case you don’t follow on twitter, My son did find (and wash) the teddy bear! I know, I know! It’s silly to need it, but it’s sort of tradition. Logically I KNOW it has no baring on the outcome of anything. But it is reassuring and comforting to have it. So, no harm.

I am just hoping that as the lady said, recovery was very short, and no ill-effects. It’s nagging at me the way the nurse and anesthetist kept asking about my depression. I am HOPING it just means they will use a different anesthetic. But, to be honest? It COULD just have been my mind playing tricks on me, and it wasn’t some big deal, just I thought it was? THAT is the most likely answer.

AND Breathe ….

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