Spotty memories?

A few more thoughts on my surgery. I may have mentioned them in last post, but my brain in a tad foggy, and to be completely honest, I am too damned lazy to go re-read my own post.

I am slowly remembering bits and pieces about the recovery room. Not tangible memories yet. But when I wake up coughing (now) or having trouble breathing I can feel a full body panic attack trying to take hold. I get sweaty and just have to really take stock of where I am. And I have to sit up immediately (partly to hold my stomach, partly because I can’t breathe). I DO know that smoking adds to that (can we save that for another post?), but even with puffers and lozenges and whatnot, I still get that deep down panic.

I am lucky that it passes almost the second I am fully aware and awake, but that brief second is nasty. I’ve had that before the surgery, just from having asthma and allergies, but not this whole body tingle thing.

I have been going over in my head trying to remember more details about the whole thing, but I’m not getting very far. Most new bits are just from the day after the surgery. I was out of it almost the whole day of the surgery. Wasn’t until around 7:30 or 8 I began to absorb more of what was really going on. I know 7:30 seems oddly specific, and that is only because I had been checking the time each time I woke, and 7:34 pm, is the first time I actually remember.

I do remember them all being quite surprised I was going home the next day. I can remember CLEARLY the look on the anesthesiologist face when he saw me leaving, and recognized who I was “You are my lady from yesterday morning? And you are going home? Now?” The nurse said something to him about yes, that was who I was, and something about I know right he then added to no one in particular “Wow, she/you recovered …. fast.” And I remember the complete look of puzzlement on his face.

WHICH makes me think the Doctor slough off the recovery room issue as “Not a big deal, your airways wanted to collapse and we had to give you a new tube and puff” is a bit understated? Add to that my panic moments, you begin to wonder just what happened.

No point in trying to document the rest just yet, it’s to spotty.

A nurse standing over me.

Something about food.

I think someone was sitting in the chair at one point? BUT that could have been the blankets piled there?

Stuff like that.


I will add, I am STILL shocked how little pain there is. I mean I know I have a high threshold for pain, but Hardly even any really “sharp” pain. Well, after sneezing or a big coughing fit.

Just always tired.

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