TMI – Recovery and poop

Of all the things I expected in my recovery time, becoming regular (if loose) in my pooping was NOT something I expected. I assumed I would have to be extra vigilant regarding my constipation due to pain meds, I thought maybe I might end up talking to doc about a laxative. I did NOT expect to be able to poop every day after just half a cup of coffee. Usually takes me 2 – 4 days and a pot of coffee to get the results I am getting now.

This leads me to wonder if the “tiny” fibroids weren’t causing more problems than they appeared to? I mean honestly the biggest one was 5mm, how can THAT cause problems? Mind you, the surgeon DID say I have weird/different (can’t remember the wording) anatomy, maybe now that my bowels have more room they are much happier?

Whatever it is, I won’t complain. Not yet anyway. I mean yeah, it’s a tad bit painful because my body automatically wants to push and I am not allowed so I get twinges in the surgery site, and my bowels still spasm before and after a movement (not painful, just like an eye twitch only internally), which leads to a “not quite done” feeling. BUT compared to even the last poop before surgery? Now is 100% different and 75% better!

I’m good with that. 😀 Just surprised.

Plus I think I am getting PMS now? Hard to be sure what is the hormones and what is from surgery. *shrugs* IF I am, it’s right on schedule, so I guess that’s cool?

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