Recovery day 9

Hello all. Figured there might be someone out there who either doesn’t follow me on twitter, or is just curious for a more in-depth updates. So, this is my (slightly) more detailed update on how recovery is going.

I have tried to call the surgeon once (maybe twice?) and just get a machine. So I have been getting loads of information via Google, which I take all with a grain of salt. I’m not an idiot. I also joined a forum run specifically by and for women who are going to, or have had, a hysterectomy. Loads of good information there.

It has shown me that everyone is very different in their recovery, and I am one of those lucky ones with little to no pain or issues. Not Superstitious much, but I’ll knock on wood for that! I do have gas pains still, but that is easily dealt with. The pain when I am due for a BM or having a BM is still very intense and NOT pleasant at all. But I am use to that, not much different from what I had before surgery. Just every day instead of every 3 or 4 (I would get backed up often).

The one incision site had a giant bruise, and it is finally starting to fade somewhat. By giant, I mean it was a VERY rough circle approximately 6″ by 9″ in size. HUGE. Basically the whole of my belly on the left side. The other 3 had very little or no bruising. The one in the belly button is hard to know mind, as if there is bruising? it’s under the steri-strips, and they are layered in a way that I can’t see into my belly button.

I can get comfortable for sleep quite easily now, though still need two pillows. And, if the gas pain lets me? All other times it is very dependent on the gas and if I have walked enough. No real leg cramps or other problems they warn you about. I have a longer list, since I am an overweight smoker with prior health issues.

My sleep is fine, Not that much different from when my thyroid numbers are off. And I have an AMAZING husband who has been pampering me making sure I don’t over do it. So I get to sleep when and for as long as I need.

Speaking of hubby, I just HAVE to say how amazing he is. I just feel horrid for him though, as he has to take kid to work at night, pick him up in the morning, take care of me, work in the park, grocery shop, all while dealing with his anxiety/agoraphobia etc!!! I have been TRYING very hard to be a good partner and making sure he naps when he looks like he needs it, thankful he isn’t as stubborn as I am. HAHAH

I will say, there is something to be said for having pain. I have to REALLY talk to myself to NOT do anything more than a bit of walking, getting cereal (ONLY if milk jug is half empty – can’t lift anything or 5 – 10 pounds), and other minor things. Even then, I am pretty sure I am over doing it a tiny bit? Supposedly I am not even suppose to bend at the waist for another week or 2, (well, minimally) and stupid stuff like that.

I will be the first to admit I do VERY little around the house, even before surgery, but I never realized how much I puttered, swept the floors, cleaned counters and wiped down stuff in the bathroom. At least not until I wasn’t allowed. And NOW … it is driving me NUTS not doing all that stuff. Apparently all (but the counters) are things that are “worse movements” during the 6 weeks of recovery. WHAT? Kill me now! I have a dust mop for my floors though, so I may break down after 2 weeks? It is NOT the same motions as sweeping, and I can let the mop do the work. Just not sweep up the piles, let hubby do it?

I had hoped the gas pains would be gone by now, but from all I have read of other women’s experience, it can take almost the full 6 weeks in some cases! Not fun. For now, I am pretending that the gas pains are from the stitches and using that to remind myself not to over do it. Not that it works but I need to chill out.

My throat is FINALLY healing up. Just sound a tad gravelly now, no soreness. Still coughing a fair amount, but I am not sure if that is my asthma I usually get around this time of year, or if it is from the whole thing with the breathing tubes and not breathing, or maybe something else? All I know, if boy is my stomach getting a work out from coughing. Some muscle ache, but no pain, so I don’t think it is causing issues with my stitches and what not?

I’m sure I had more in mind to update, but this is so long-winded as it is I have forgotten anything else.

By the way? If any of you have any questions, or whatever don’t hesitate to ask. Might not know the answer, but I can fake it. 😉


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