Recovery: Day 17 or 18?

Figured I’d give another update on my recovery.

I am still one of those lucky ones regarding pain. Which STILL takes me by surprise every time I wake up with little or no pain. Actually, to be completely accurate, I DO have pain, it’s just not even close to a 10 on my scale. More like a 2 or 3 constantly with the odd spike to about 7 or 8? Which really isn’t bad. Considering most of my periods would have a scale rating of a constant 7 – 8 without pain meds, I’d have to say I am doing well.

To put that in perspective, my pain scale (1 – 10):

Stubbed toe (with bruising) — 1 – 2

Broken baby toe (as it happened) — 4 – 5

Dislocated ankle  — 7

Sciatic nerve pain — 4 – 7 (big range because it varies a lot)

Migraine — 7 – 8

Giving birth (before c-section obviously) — 12

So, yeah hopefully that gives you a rough idea of my pain threshold when I talk about this stuff? So as you can see I really am not in much pain at all. Just more uncomfortable than pain. Ok, think of it this way, have you ever eaten a REALLY yummy meal, and it was so good you ate WAY too much? So you get that rumbling, swollen, achy stomach? Like that, but not QUITE as puffy. With of course the odd spike of pain that feels like someone jabbed a needle into my vagina. The newest thing is the odd pain in my left ovary. No, not pain. Ache. Feels a bit like someone is squeezing it. Or it is a balloon blown up to full?

Thing is, I was feeling pretty good aside from the tiredness. THEN my asthma flared up. Coughing and any surgery is bad. But consider when you cough. What parts of your body are strained? Your abdomen and insides get put under pressure. Turn that into a coughing fit that can last up to 15 minutes and it sometimes feels like anything left inside me is going to pop the stitches and fall out my vagina! NOT pleasant.

My family doc did NOT want me on the Prednisone. for a minimum of another 3 weeks. It lowers immune system, and after surgery and the fact of my thyroid, it is NOT a wise idea. *sigh* So, I am on one T3 3 times a day for breakthrough coughing, and upped my Advair dose to twice my usual. And I am supposed to up my Salbutamol (as needed).

AND, even though it’s only been a day and a bit, I think it’s working? *cross fingers and knock on wood* Hell at this point I’ll pray to any and all gods, just give me a list. The pain is horrific when I cough. Damned near a 9. Still not as bad as when I sneeze!! Holy fucking hell. That hits around 11.

And that’s my update.

I am not trying to complain, believe it or not. I actually feel ok today, some aches in my legs and back, but the cough is getting better, and with it the spikes in pain are going away. So as long as that cough keeps leaving? I will just continue to rest (which the cough wasn’t allowing), and get better.

Oh, the other thing, I have had a few mood swings, but not too bad, and not very long-lasting. One frustration, and a few crying ones, only one real anger moment, but I recognized it and stopped it.

Depending which doctor, which article, or which patient you listen to, the ovaries can take from 2 weeks to 6 months to start functioning properly again.


The bottom line? if all I am getting is lots of tiredness,pain around 2 or 3 with not too many spikes, a bit of ovary cramping, and rare (once or twice a day) mood swings? I would say I am doing FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC! 😀

Both hubby and kiddo (the latter not as much 😉 ) have been helping me a lot, and know what emotions to keep an eye out for. IF my depression starts to show, then, not sure. I guess just be vigilant and do all I can to avoid it? AND, so far so good! *thumbs up*

NOW, I go nap. 😀

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