So, I went to my family doc on Friday to see if he would approve my request for Prednisone. I NEEDED to kick this asthma attack in the ass and fast. Not just the breathing part, while very important, but the coughing. I wasn’t getting horrible screaming pain from the coughing, but enough twinges and shooting pains that it was worrying me regarding my recovery from surgery. Let’s face it, a hysterectomy, even if laparoscopically done, is still MAJOR surgery.

Well, he had said no. I think my heart must have broken in to a million pieces at that point, but I heard him out, and did understand where he was coming from. Prednisone does have quite a few side effects, and some are not very good for recovery, especially suppressed immune system. And with my history with hypothyroidism, and general health, plus the surgery, he, and I agreed (at the time) that was the best move. So, he sent me away with T3’s (both for minor pain from surgery, and the codeine for the cough) and an upped dose of my Advair.

Well, that night and most of Saturday it looked like that combination was going to work. I slept some, and coughed a bit less. Sunday morning I “bragged” a bit about how I was getting better, and BOOM, within an hour it got even worse. I could hear the rattle in my chest, I was starting to cough up gunk and my breathing was hell! By Monday night it seemed to settle a tiny bit, but the second I tried to lay down I felt as if my lungs were swelling up into my throat. I didn’t sleep more than an hour, maybe an hour and a half. It was a nightmare.

I phoned doc by 9am (when they open) and begging the nurse to have doc approve some Prednisone. By 1pm I had still not heard back and the breathing and coughing were getting worse. My throat was sore, my stomach was in pain, and I was light-headed from lack of air and lack of sleep. It was getting scary.

I ended up phoning them back at 1:30, and got the return call by 2. Doc said yes! BUT he didn’t want me to have my usual higher dosing, so he wrote me a newer, lower dose. I slept 5 hours that night!! And today is even better. Still a bit of a wheeze, but I can breathe and no dizzy spells.


Thank you doc!!!!

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