Another update

I have now been on the Prednisone for 4 days (one dose left), and am finally feeling like I might be clearing up! About time I say. I will admit, I am wondering if it will come back once off the Prednisone. I only wonder because usually by the 4th day I am fully cleared up, not even a tickle left, and I have that still. PLUS there’s the whole fact of the lung issues after surgery which may be what is adding to the problem.

I have to ask myself, WAS this asthma? or was this something else? Something both the hospital, my doc, and myself missed? Or at least didn’t think of. After all, I am a smoking asthmatic, of course it is natural for all of us to jump to that conclusion. Doesn’t help I might be getting a cold, which could set me back.

Asthma/cold/whatever aside, recovery from surgery seems to be going well. Still get  cramps when my bowels need to move, and a bit tender when my bladder is full, but amazingly very little actual pain. Heck, even the muscle soreness from coughing is starting to ease up.

Still find it hard to not over do it. The only thing that stops that is how fast I tire out. I am trying to up my movement, but until I get “caught up” on my sleep (lacking from all the coughing), I think the tiredness will continue.

You know, of ALL the things I could expect from the surgery? I REALLY was not expecting the spike in libido. I think I mentioned that before? But, wow, it still takes me by surprise. I feel like a teen-aged boy going through puberty where the slightest thing can make me hot and bothered. Honestly, I SWEAR, throwing a peanut to the birds today set me off! WHAT THE HELL!?!?

And the husband? WOW! He could roll in cow crap, be sprayed by a skunk and be half dead and he’d still just have to give me that cute little grin and I’d be wanting to be all over that!  It is the ODDEST sensation. A constant holy crap. And I have another 3 and a half weeks before my appointment and POSSIBLY clearance for sex. THAT IS TOO LONG!!!

OH. That reminds me, I best call and make the appointment. ha! I’m a dork.

What else? Oh, My appetite is coming back some, but greasy foods still upset my stomach. My breasts are getting a bit smaller?! What? Not badly, but I may need a new bra when I can wear one. Too uncomfortable still to wear anything but a sports bra. OH! OH! Get this, I am still swollen and puffy, BUT I am almost 10 pounds LIGHTER than when I went in? I am NOT complaining, not at all. But explain that to me? NOW I can’t WAIT until I am cleared for real exercise. I’ll jump on that treadmill and OWN the bitch.

I had read a tiny bit on fibroids that even tiny ones MIGHT affect weight, mood, and even the thyroid, but no study really proved, or even looked that deeply into it. It was all speculation. Plus, there were studies to show that the thyroid was the root of it, and affected the fibroids. So who knows. Might be the case, who knows. But I will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

I will say, other than the ODD bouts of sadness, I have avoided depression quite well. Even that feeling of loneliness I can get from time to time isn’t as strong. Again, I am not going to look to closely at the reasons, just hold it and enjoy it. Now, that’s not to say I am “happy”. I’m not, NOT happy, just … oh, I don’t know how to explain it.

I am being floored by the tiredness. It’s nothing like I ever remember having before. It is SO different from depression tiredness, different from being sick, it’s just a HOLY CRAP type tiredness.

Overall, I think I am doing well? Some nerves of course, but until I have my check up and am cleared, I suspect that is normal.


In other completely random news, I STILL haven’t gotten my adoption records. Would be nice to have some medical history right about now. Well, would have been nice BEFORE the surgery, but can’t change that. hehe

Also? HELLO? Supernatural trailers that have been dropping? Come on! WHY is it not WEDNESDAY NOW??? Too many shows I am looking forward to, but that one? I am DYING waiting for it. I’m serious, I am ACTUALLY addicted to this show. (if that’s possible?) Hubby and kid tease me all the time. If I can’t watch one episode in a day, I tended to get “bitchy” according to them. Not sure I by that. Though, I do make sure to watch at least one – two episodes in a day (usually before bed, Netflix is my other lover), JUST to make sure. 😉

Well, I guess I should try to sleep now. Unfortunately, as exhausted as sitting up (half-joking) makes me? I STILL have trouble sleeping at night. Go figure. Most of my sleeping is from 3am – 7 am, and then again from 3pm – 7pm. *shrugs* That’s not set in stone mind, but pretty close.

I had hoped after surgery my bathroom schedule would ease up. But if anything, it’s worse! I STILL have to go every hour on the hour, but now it’s more urgent, and sometimes every half hour. Suppose to ease up as the swelling goes down? I sure hope so. At least if I miss something in spell check you know why!

*crosses legs and tries to spell check*

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