And the hits keep coming

Look, I know I spend a good portion of my posts in whine mode, and I get that isn’t always the most enjoyable read. But let’s face it, we ALL need some where to whine, complain, and rant. Most humans have a friend or family member they can do this with/to. I however don’t have that.


No, that’s wrong. I can, and DO talk to and with my husband about a fair amount of my problems. Thing is? Sometimes you just need to get more off your chest than what a family member can provide.

Honestly, in regards to my surgery, I had fully expected to be whining and complaining, I just thought it would be about the pain, NOT this residual side bar shit. I mean how could I predict asthma? Or now a possible case of thrush?

Which brings me to the whole point of this post. The Prednisone worked and my asthma is now under control. Problem was, I still had a cough, sore throat, sore tongue, and general sick feeling. The last 2 nights I have been losing more and more sleep, and finally had enough this morning when after only 4 hours of sleep (not solid sleep) I could not fall back to sleep even though I am dizzy from being so damned tired.

I phoned doc. Amazingly I got in right away. Doc listened to me, and agrees. It could be damage from the problems with the tubes, could be damage from all the coughing, OR it could be thrush. The symptoms fit for all of it, so we have decided that it may be a combination of all of it.

Because the worse thing that will happen with the medicine for thrush is nausea and diarrhea, and I ALREADY have that, doc and I agreed that it will do more good than harm (because of the antibiotics in hospital) if I take the medication. I started it as soon as I got home, and have now had two doses. I don’t know if it is a mental thing or what? But it seems to be helping with my throat, but my tongue is still VERY sore and I still feel sick.

Nothing tastes right. Even water is gross.

No, I will NOT do the candida diet, before anyone suggests it. I am NOT that dedicated to ANYTHING, so no point in trying. I have already cut back on sugar intake way before this, and eat fairly healthy. I just need to up my probiotics and take a multi-vitamin.

This is all just so frustrating. Surgery wise? I am golden. VERY little pain, and that is mostly just at the site of the incisions if I push too hard, and the ODD twinge in my vagina if I haven’t had a BM that day. So to have all this piddly stuff happening and destroying my sleep is beyond frustrating.

The hardest part of it is the mouth. I am finally hungry and want to eat, but EVERYTHING tastes off (or even in rare case, rotten), and hurts my mouth. Swallowing is hard (I heard that snicker!) and really, eating is just not something I want to do, yet my stomach is growling so loud I have to. Then I feel sick, and my mouth hurts and my tongue feels like it is swollen and my throat feels clogged. It is VERY unpleasant.

Other than a nutty diet, I will very MUCH love suggestions on foods that I might be able to eat without pain? Salt is apparently good, but not fun, so even soup is not a good suggestion.

Honestly? I am doing well, I am just cranky from lack of sleep and food!


I just want to be healthy, that was sort of the whole point of the surgery! Remove the pain, fibroids, and POSSIBLY balance hormones etc which should have snowballed for the BETTER.

Anyone have a magic wand? FIX ME!

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