Two steps forward, one step back

I have come to the conclusion that recovery is a very complicated dance. I also believe that I would either be much further along, or in the hospital if it were for the asthma and oral thrush. See, the actual pain from the surgery has never been an issue. Oh, sure, I have had twinges, and I took regular Tylenol and Advil for about a week, but I never felt I had to have it, I took it to make sure I didn’t need a big dose of something stronger. After the 4th day though I usually only took it at night and morning just in case I moved too much in my sleep or something. Which is why I think I’d be further along or in the hospital.

Because I haven’t really felt like I had surgery, I would have either over done things and ripped my internal stitches, OR I would have been ok with doing nothing (can’t even dust or sweep! Driving me crazy), and recovered so beautifully I’d be doing things now. I honestly think the coughing set me back.

Problem is, tonight we had an incident in the park. One of the “problem tenants” (more like “rotating tenants”. Long story, maybe another time) was fighting with an unknown person that was staying/living with her. We ended up calling the police it was so bad. BUT, before calling the police, we decided to make sure it was the trailer we thought, and drove up there. Thing is, I had left my cell in the house and “jogged” back to the house, from our driveway, to get it. NOW I am having some twinges and just a pulled feeling in my stomach and sides. Not enough to take anything, but enough that I know I screwed up.

Not to be gross, but when I wipe after peeing, there is a very pale pink on the toilet paper. It doesn’t worry me, as according to doctors, and all the ladies on a forum for ladies having hysterectomies, that is quite normal and can carry on from surgery date until around 5 or 6 months. It’s if it is bright red you need to worry. It just annoys me because I haven’t had ANY discharge at all (well, other than normal stuff) since the surgery. I’ve actually had it BETTER than before! So, I am just annoyed at myself is all.

BUT, I am happy because I get to finally report that I am 90% better from the Asthma (I now think it is/was bronchitis so it will be awhile before 100%) and thrush. And 90% is damned good compared to how I have been!

I still have to remember to take it easy, as tonight has reminded me. But I don’t think I will have a problem with that. MY husband is worse than a guard dog when it comes to me doing anything. Wash one or two dishes? Ok. But try to pick a few things off floor (not suppose to bed. pftt what no one sees, no one knows), or do a quick dust mop of the floors? And I get in shit. NOT that I am complaining. HONEST! I LOVE that he is so sweet and caring. Hell of a lot nicer than majority of the men the others talk about! Sheesh! * It’s just so hard to not do things.

I’ll admit (again) I am NOT a great house cleaner/keeper. But I just never realized how much I putter. Little things, like picking stuff up off the floor, rinsing and stacking dishes, sweeping, emptying the trash cans. Nothing major but just general puttering and straightening of things. Hubby is trying, but some things there is just no point in him doing, because I am a tad bit OCD on how it is done. I don’t MEAN to make faces when he does things, but I just can’t stop myself. So it will all wait until I am cleared by the surgeon. And until then, I will TRY to enjoy being pampered.






  • One lady complained about her unemployed husband, refuses to get a job, AND she had to go back to work in like a week or something? And she was in pain and I think she was opened, not laparoscopic. I just couldn’t imagine that. Scary.
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