And so it continues …

Recovery really is a dance. I think I said that before? At least I am at the stage where it is 2 forward and only half a step back (most days).

I have been out twice now where I did the driving! Once with hubby as back up JUST in case. Second time was just kiddo and I and I think I did really well. Just one moment I almost panicked because of a careless driver. All I saw flash in my head was this idiot ramming into the side of us, not hard enough to be fatal, but hard enough to pop my internal stitches. I had to pull over for a second and just breath. Kiddo was worried about me, because I had to slam on the breaks, but I didn’t even get any extra spotting from it. So that was lucky!

Walking is getting easier, but I still get tired out and need a nap after just 30 or 40 minutes out of the house. So that is going much slower than I care for. I just need to keep reminding myself it is a marathon not a sprint.

I have now had two “periods” since I had the surgery. I have to say, I am LOVING it. Well, loving the not bleeding every where. Oh, yes, this will be TMI folks. Look away now. 😀

The first one was minor knee pain and a bit of a back ache, not much else, but I think my ovaries still weren’t out of shock from the surgery? This one, I am technically not due for another 2 days, so not sure how it will fully pan out? Many women report they still get the cramping? And while I do sort of have that now, it is hard to separate the cramps from my bowel issues from what might be “period” cramping.

I need a better word than period with quotes. I am just glad they took the cervix too or I would still have actual periods.

The bowel issues are about the same as before surgery, just more painful while I heal. And since I can’t push, it means more trips to the bathroom. UGH

I have to say, other than the restrictions for lifting, pushing, pulling, and sex, I thin k my recovery is coming along nicely. Get frustrated not being able to do things for myself, and thankfully hubby is beyond amazing about it, almost too protective. hehe But that’s a good thing, I would probably hurt myself otherwise. Oops! It really is hard to NOT do somethings, like reaching and lifting. But I don’t need to damage myself or send myself back to square one, so I will take it easy.

Still getting weepy easily, which I assume means my ovaries aren’t fully out of shock yet?

Good news for you guys though, other than an update after my appointment with my surgeon? good chance you’ll never have to hear bout this stuff again. Well, unless something happens.

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