Midnight ramblings

Okay, so technically it is after midnight, but close enough.

I have been noticing a fair amount lately that the “latest and greatest” health thing is candida over growth in the gut. For the most part, the last few years I have ignored anything about it, other than quick glances and a derisive noise. But more and more lately, in light of my surgery and the after effects, I am beginning to wonder if there isn’t some merit to it?

After all, I have 90% of all the symptoms they claim can be attributed to candida, and I did have thrush right out of the hospital, and NOW have a yeast infect (oh joy). But if there IS truth to it? The “cure” for this problem seems a bit drastic if you ask me. To paraphrase most of the sites, you drink water and eat SOME vegetables and avoid anything with flavour, and NO SUGAR. EVER. NOT EVEN A GRAIN. Many of the sites also claim not even fruit because of its sugar content.

Like I said, drastic.

This is NOT something I am willing to do. I’d say able, but I have to assume that I would be physically able to do all they instruct, I would just hate it and my life. I don’t care if it cures pollution, ends world hungry, and promotes world peace, I am NOT going to be on THAT restrictive of a diet. I’d kill someone, maybe, probably, not?

So, according to most sites, if you do not follow the diet 100% all the time 24/7/365, if you slip up even the tiniest of amounts (with sugar and breads) then you are RIGHT back to the beginning. Seems far-fetched.

The way I see it, I will do what I know I can handle, up the good stuff for sure (which, honestly, I LIKE my vegetable), and just use common sense. I have already cut out pop. I think I have had MAYBE 2  8 oz glasses in a month? Since the beginning of the year I have had very little. I am really enjoying my water with a slice of lemon. I actually almost crave the lemon when I don’t have any.

I will talk to doc, see if he wants to run any tests, if so, maybe some meds for it and either change or up my probiotics?

Who knows if that is even my issue, or if it is just another fad thing. Hard to tell these days just what IS a real health scare and what is snake oil. I use to think I could tell the difference, hands down, no guessing. Maybe its age? Whatever it is, it’s getting hard to tell.


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