Witty title here

I’m too damned tired to even attempt a witty title tonight. Sorry folks.

So, apparently I lied when I said there’d be no more recovery posts. *shrugs* MIND you, it’s more a general health thing, linked to my recovery, not specifically about my recovery.

Sure, let’s go with that. Whew, I feel better. Now on to the actual post.

As I mentioned before, I had gone and gotten me a damned yeast infection. Thankfully my wonderful loving working son bought me medication for it. It is about 95% cleared up. I will buy myself another treatment tomorrow to make damned sure it’s fully gone.

I can not get over how easily I still tire out. I honestly can not believe it is from the surgery still, yet almost all the women I’ve chatted with all say it took them close to 6 months for that side effect to disappear. Holy hell that’s a LONG fucking time. So obviously, me with my already weak immune system and the surgery, I go and end up with a NASTY cold. The loads of rain and colder weather of course hasn’t helped much. And been out and a bout taking the kid to spend his money. So while I have been careful, and not even doing much at home, I somehow have just done too much. (THIS is also my argument against socialize by the way. Damned good one I say!)

I have been trying very hard to make sure I get lots of sleep, but have failed. Trouble sleeping at night (about 3 – 6 hours a night, even with a pill), and the last 4 days or so, I haven’t been able to sleep for naps either! So today, when I tried for my nap and I could feel myself drifting off, I damned near ruined it by jumping up and celebrating. That happiness was short-lived though, when I woke up because I could not breathe and was coughing horribly! I managed to take a full breath once I sat up. But man, I panicked something fierce. Actually scared the cat when I literally roll jumped from the bed. Some how landed facing the bed with one knee still up and a hand half way down my bedside table. Still haven’t figured it out. Whatever though, it worked to get me to take a breath.

It took almost an hour just to finally breath through one nostril (I can not STAND breathing through my mouth – and it is worse now with my asthma). It is now over 4 hours later, and while I am exhausted, right into my bones, I swear, I just can not bring myself to go to bed. I am breathing fine now, will start the stronger steroid inhaler, and add the nasal spray – but knowing I’ll be ok is not alleviating my fear. That was a brutal way to wake up, and I just can’t quite shake it. Not yet anyway.

The weird thing is? Even since my doctor has warned me about using extra caution because of my immune system? I have had MAYBE a handful of colds, and all of them minor, usually only a cough and a little sniffle. This is my first full blow, head full, dizzy, can’t breathe cold in a very, very long time. It took major surgery for that.


BUT, while all this is annoying right now? (besides the obvious, “others have it worse” factor) I KNOW that one day I will be fully recovered, and I can throw a dance party for myself (just me though hehe) and celebrate that I no longer have periods that throw me off emotionally (one of my depression triggers), no more pain that needs drugs, bed rest, and heat bags so hot I have burn marks, AND no more bleeding so much I get anemic! How AMAZING is that?

Right now, it’s good, but man, just you wait. Once I am fully healthy (well, as healthy as I can get), I will be ROCKING a party in my head once a month, I’ll be so damned happy.

After winter is over.

Just a side note, Yes, I am still fighting the depression, but I am kicking ass and winning this damned battle! I’m just that amazing *cough cough sneeze* Or at least I will be in about a week??

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