No money can have benefits?

The last 2 weeks have been the tightest we have been in a very long time. So tight that hubby has had to go without his Coca-Cola for well over a week! (that’s HUGE! He drinks about 4 liters a day. NO Lectures please.) BUT, our tight budget may have broken that habit …

(skip to the end if you want to skip all the how we got to that point. 😀 Look for the “…” at the beginning of the sentence.)

I have always hated tight times, but as “mean” as my Dad can be to most, I am grateful he is not that way with me. Because, I did end up borrowing $60 from my Dad, just so we could have a few meals with actual vegetables (our bodies have been showing signs of not enough).

The problem with such tight budgets, it leaves us with no money for the “extras” like snack foods, hubby’s Coca-cola, or other things like that. And yes, before anyone asks, we did buy smokes. Yes, we WOULD have done without if we didn’t have food in the house. The ONLY reason I even borrowed from Dad was for vegetables. Which we didn’t HAVE to have as we did have food, just not a variety, or vegetables.

Also, I set aside x dollars for smokes, and x for food. which we spend almost the day we get it. We just had to dip into the food money for four expensive food items we don’t usually run out of at the same time. Which is why the budget was thrown off.

— Did you know a medium peanut butter is damned near $10 now??!! Seriously messed up. May have to look into make my own if that keeps up. The large was not a lot more at $12? $13? Of course I bought the large.–

To get back on topic. *snort*

With no snack food or sugary drinks in the house we have had to improvise our usually between meal eating. I have a hard time eating more than one or two meals, but with my thyroid I am SUPPOSE to eat about 6 – 8! Never happens though. But I usually have plain, 50% less salt chips, granola bars, and other “not quite junk food” that I snack on. So, I have made “healthier” peanut butter cookies, cracker platters, and of course cereal. For drinks though, we have had Kool-aid (less sugar) and in the last few days, I realized I had a CRAP ton of regular tea I NEVER drink. So, I made Iced tea. I have made about 3 or 4 batches now. Have tweaked it a bit each time.

… And this is where the skip/title comes into play.

Hubby said he’d be willing to switch away from Coca-Cola permanently (or at least try) for my Iced tea!! my GUESSTIMATE is that it would cost about a dollar less (not including tax and such – that case? maybe $1.50 less?) per 2 liter of Iced tea. BUT, he only drinks 2 liters of it in a day (more caffeine than Coke), but has less sugar! (I’m guessing)

Once we get paid tomorrow I will be playing with the type of tea. Orange Pekoe tea is a bit to bitter for a nice Iced tea. I am going to try straight black tea from Lipton (IF I can find it? In the past I couldn’t – It works AMAZING for smelly feet, just soak them in a strong brew black tea for a half hour, almost a week of no smell!). Most recipes I have run across (for idea on how many tea bags to use) all called for pure black teas as opposed to the orange pekoe. Or green tea, but that’s decaffeinated.

If this DOES work out, I will be buying my lemons by the bag full instead of singly. Can buy a bag of about 15 for $5 or so, where as it is $1.29 (or $1.50 depending on where you buy.) Though, lately I have been lucky to find them on sales for .69 each.

I really hope he can do this! I know I sure feel better since I have stopped drinking Coke. But I had my coffee to fall back on, he doesn’t drink coffee.

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4 Responses to No money can have benefits?

  1. Charlotte A. Cavatica says:

    Okay, I know you said “no lectures,” so I won’t lecture, but will instead merely exclaim:



    • Susan says:

      YEAH! I KNOW! I was about a liter a day, but with coffee (about 2 – 3 cups a day) I avoided the headaches, when I quit.

      I am REALLY hoping he won’t go back to it. *cross fingers* But, it is an addiction of sorts. :/


      • Charlotte A. Cavatica says:

        The only way I can keep myself from eating shit-tons of junk food is to just not buy it. I keep, like, a jar of Nutella and maybe occasionally some chips and salsa. That’s it. Sometimes I have a soda at work, but I never ever ever keep them at home. Don’t buy it and it can’t poison you! And believe me, that stuff is definitely, definitely poison.

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      • Susan says:

        I am much the same way. I wouldn’t call myself a health nut, not by and stretch of the imagination! But, I also do not eat overly crappy either.

        Since I promised myself I would do better, even when junk is in the house I do really well.
        Problem is, hubby is a grown man, and while I can strongly suggest things (including “I don’t want you to die” type things) BUT ultimately he makes his own choices.
        I truly think he means it when he says he will stop the coke, and ease up on junk. I am just not sure how the follow through will be.

        I won’t push the smoking thing until that is kicked for many months. One stressor at a time. 😋


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