Another shooting …

(I began this on Facebook, but it is much too long to leave there, so have brought it here)


I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, throw up, or find another planet to live on.

Just for information purposes, I tried 15 difference search terms to find how many CANADIAN mass-shootings there were this year,.

I went 10 pages deep on Google, all I could come up with was a house being sold back in August that was the scene of a “mass murder” (Domestic situation) that had happened end of last year.

The rest were ALL about the US.

I laugh because I do not understand why so many Americans seem to be married to their guns.

I cry, because my heart can’t take the senselessness and anger.

I want to throw up, because the fact so many feel that doing something ANYTHING to lessen this violence is “infringing on their rights.

I want to throw up and cry because this neighbouring country is our “friend” in so many things, yet it reads like it is dying an angry hateful death.

I want to move to another planet so I do not have to hear about so many deaths in every facet of my life (social media, radio, TV) and watch and learn that no one, NO ONE is able (willing?) to just stomp their foot down and say “I. HAVE. HAD. FUCKING. ENOUGH!”

At this point, it not longer shocks me, and THAT makes me want to cry.

I am at the point where I expect to hear about a new mass (TERRORISM) shooting from THE US each time I wake up in the morning. And that is sad.

I can not wrap my head around the sheer lack of anger AGAINST the violence/gun control that some people seem to have. You read it every where, even rare news show will state that gun control is “an agenda” and “now is not the time to talk about what can be done” (not those words, obviously usually “Agendas don’t belong in this time”).

If not now? WHEN? There is practically one mass shooting a DAY. So if not when the shooting are/have happened, then when? There IS no other time.

But, you know, “Let’s have MORE guns”.

No, I am NOT an US citizen (thankfully), but maybe, just maybe, that should be a hint. When the outside world is looking in and use MUCH stronger labels than I have here, and have stopping using the phrase “SOME” Americans, and are using the broader paint stroke of “Americans”. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, someone should do something?

And again, this is where I leave the planet, because I have NO CLUE what to do, say, or help any more. If the common sense part of looking at other countries gun laws (where it works) doesn’t give the politicians the right jumping point? Then there is no help.

It truly feels like there is no hope.

I admit, I have no clue just how much power the American president, Barack Obama, has? But if he can, I really think he should by-pass all the dicks knocking down his plans, and just say “Look asshats, I am the big dog here, and I am pushing through gun control, fuck you!”

Unless his words of wanting things done is a lie? Unless some how, he is faking the sadness and outrage you see all the time? Which, for the record I don’t think is the case.

I can not begin to imagine his frustration at the stone walling he has had at every single turn he takes in his time as president. I really couldn’t imagine it. Not even being the parent of a beyond stubborn child could prepare you for what he has had to deal with.

Whoever gets in next? If they even THINK about gun control? I truly hope they have the ability to snake charm the opposition in a way that Barack Obama never could.

I don’t know why I am even bothering to comment on this latest shooting. It’s not like my words will be the magic pill to make people change their minds. At this point, I don’t even have the ego to think one person will read the full thing, so I have no illusions in that area.

No, I think this is my way of processing yet another senseless terrorist attack. Let’s face it, that is what it is.

And this is where I say I’m out. Anything I have/will type after this just because messy, and very rambling.

I think now, I will just turn off the TV, stay away from the internet, and go hide in a corner until it is all over. If you need me, I’m not here! But I have room in my corner if you need to hide to.

And hugs to anyone who needs one right now. I know I sure could.



And before anyone says it … do NOT ask me to pry, or for my “thoughts”. God isn’t there, and my thoughts don’t bring back lives!


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