Just thinking aloud


Money, No debt, money, no stress, money (I think you can see the main theme there?)


I would love to be able to buy/have the fabric(s) I want to make items for myself and others. I want yarn so I can make 2 comforters, one for my bed, one for the kid. Actually, I’d like loads of craft stuff– I have so many ideas to make things for around the house, and gifts, and just to give, but while it might be cheaper and nicer made than most store-bought, materials cost money which is STILL more than what I can do.

PLUS, I have to be realistic, would I actually get off my ass to do any of it (still a small hint of depression which makes me and the couch have a very close relationship)?


I’d love to see hubby’s anxiety and social phobia cleared up. I’d love to see my son go to college like he wants (he can’t afford, and neither can we). I’d LOVE for my sleep to go back to some sort of normal human schedule?

Ok, I KNOW the old saying about money not buying happiness. And sure, I guess? But you know what money CAN buy? Food, clothes, pay bills, education, and entertainment. So, yeah, I want money. Simply as that.

<snipped> all thoughts about money and life etc blah blah blah </snipped>

Yep, I would LOVE to win the lottery so Hubby, kid, and I wouldn’t have to work. We could buy this park as our life/job/busy work. I have so many brilliant things I think this park would benefit from, but probably would take millions of dollars to implement. (Which is why a lottery win would be awesome. :D)

Like, I’d LOVE to have solar roadways, re-do ALL the water system and pipes, the electrical (all underground), redo the sewer lines, fix ALL the fence and take it around the whole park. Fix the lighting system in the park, up the security with cameras and lighting, level out all the areas that are too steep or unstable, too many ideas to even type them all if you don’t know the area … yep, big dreams. Plus I’d tear down this house (old and musty and needs loads of work) and build a nice house. Nothing huge, maybe 10 or 20 feet wider and longer? (this one is about 600 square feet — not including the unfinished basement part. Can’t even fit a king sized bed in our room, and kid has an electric heater downstairs since the furnace isn’t enough)

BUT, that is a lot to dream for. A pipe dream.

Bottom line? I’d be happy to just be debt free.

MAN, the ability to buy toothpaste, or coffee filters, or toilet paper with no worries! To do that, and know you are NOT “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul” and putting yourself deeper in the hole? THAT would be cool!

Ahh to be able to just say “Oh, we need XYZ for this meal I am making.” and be able to just go buy it? Or if we need new socks, or pants? A haircut? Yeah, THAT is what I want. To not worry. *sigh*

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