Bah Humbug – It’s all good

I have no thought process to even come up with a subject/title for this post, so I probably shouldn’t even be posting, but here we are.

Took a sleeping pill (half) last night/this morning to try to get myself slowly worked to some what normal hours. This not getting bed until 4 or 5 am thing is destroying me. Unfortunately when I take a pill my brain never quite wakes up again, until I have another nights sleep.

Just wanted to say, that whatever was going on with my body, from my last post, has faded. Obviously not a kidney thing. I still feel bruised as hell in that area and have some weird back ache, but no more pain, and I can stand up straight again. Still have the cloudy urine so who knows. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow if that is something.

Different topic, we finally are getting some snow, so maybe it will be a white Christmas? I have been having a bitch of a time trying to get in to the holiday spirit. I just have no energy for the holidays. I don’t care if I get gifts, but I do LOVE to give them, and with no money or thought for what any one wants I just can NOT get in to the spirit. I feel very much like the Grinch. But, of course I will fake my way through the best I can because kiddo LOVES the holidays and this year he has his own money to spend on everyone, and I REALLY would love to see my husband enjoy the holidays.

It’s what I do best. Not just for holidays, but daily. Make sure everyone is okay and doing well. Doesn’t really matter what I am feeling. It’s all about if others are good. *nods*

I think, if I am a bit more awake and stable, tomorrow I will get out the decorations and get those up. Maybe plan what I’ll do for hubby’s birthday (that’s the 26th. Partly why he doesn’t get into Christmas).

OH OH! I KNOW! I think I’ll talk to My folks and see if we can’t plan a supper and separate “this is YOUR day” for his birthday! Doesn’t have to have gifts or anything, but just celebrate and make it special.

Now THAT is something I can get excited for! Now to figure out how to get it all together while he is home and knows what I am doing … BUT, not let him know? AND without any money. This might just be a challenge. hehe


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