Soon, a new year

Perhaps the new year will bring with it a new hope and fresh start for our lives?

New year wish list:

Might have things in the works? I won’t say much right now though, I am not overly superstitious, but why take the chance? I will say, boss-man, while seemingly reluctant, has given us 2 months of no worry regarding rent. He’d obviously like to see some effort made, and fair enough, but is okay with us doing what we can, if we can. Huge relief!

Winning the lottery is unlikely but if I could … Don’t want to be greedy, just enough to pay off every last bill. That’d be a bonus. 😀

I also wouldn’t complain if someone could magically fix my husbands snoring? That would probably solve my own sleep issues. hehe

As to the rest? Nothing in life is a sure thing, especially if you aren’t told that, but it’s nice to be able to have hope. I hear that somewhere off in the distance, there is sunshine!

Always keep fighting, it may be hard, but it’s worth it!

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