Recurring dreams

When I was a very young child, and in to adulthood, I had three recurring dreams. Two were nightmares, the third was just odd. They both left a lasting impression on me, even to this day. If I stop and think about it, I can remember the one as if I am reliving it. That dream is the main reason many basements freak me out and I refuse to go in them.

I say 3 dreams, when I know I had more, it’s just that only those 3 specific ones followed me from when I was very little until I was already married and had a child(ren). Some were only a few years, and I only remember very little about them.

Maybe this is why I HATE horror movies, but LOVE shows like Supernatural and Charmed. They deal with things like what was in my dreams, but they kick ass and it has a lighter side?

Whatever it is, I find 2 of the dreams floating about in my head tonight. I suppose I could blame Supernatural, I am watching it as I type (well, it’s paused). But since this is my *mumbletenthmumble* time watching through the whole series to date, I high doubt it is the trigger.

The one in particular that is with me right now (mixing with memories of one I had for 4 years as a teen), is the one that involves a basement. I really don’t remember when I first had this dream nightmare, but the last time I had it was a year before we moved to the house we are in now. Only two houses of all the places I have lived, I have not had this nightmare.

I am asleep in bed. It’s a wooden framed bed, with all four corners having higher posts, the head posts being twice as high as the foot posts, but shorter than me when standing on the bed. In the nightmare I am about 10 or 12? Sometimes the age varies, but usually I am around 10. Even when I was VERY little, I was that age in my dream. I would wake to the sound of static, or a rumbling somewhere in the house. It would startle me, but I usually was curious at first, so I would listen, try to figure out where it was coming from. After awhile I would hear my name in the noise. Telling me to find it. It wanted me to see it.

Around that time in the dream I would begin to feel fear. I would sit up on my knees and back up against the head-board and pull the blanket up to my chin. The bed would begin to shake and lift off the ground. I could see the house at this point, it was older, with brick, but that’s all I could see, it was dark with a light glow coming from in front of me somewhere.

Then it jumps forward, I am lying on my back, but can still see as if sitting up. I am on the bed, as it drifts down the stairs to the basement. It is dark, sort of smokey, and the light isn’t getting any brighter, but my name is louder and the static won’t stop. I start to feel panic as I can’t move and I now realize I am being taken to the basement. THIS is where the fear, and the need to run kicks in. But I can’t move. I scream so loud. I don’t stop screaming. I even close my eyes, but I can still see as if they are open.

As I get half way down the stairs and I can SMELL the dampness of the basement, I am usually woken up. Most times from someone, sometimes I manage it on my own. In the dream that is when I see the weird blurred face coming towards me (and it is SO Much like alien abduction shows, I can NOT watch them without my heart skipping). Everyone says I was barely whimpering, but enough they’d wake me, yet my throat would be so sore as if I had been screaming I could barely talk.

To this day I have yet to figure out what house that basement is from, or the stairs. Mom once told me it sounded like the house from Ottawa. But I was only a few months old then, and we only lived there for about 9 months. Haven’t lived in a house with a basement like that since (and never will thankyouverymuch!)

The only thing I can think of that might be triggering this memory, is we had a sewage back up issue in the park, which had caused our over flow for the kitchen sink to drain super slow and cause a moisture problem. So NOW, we have that same damp smell in the house as I remember from my dream.

It’s my theory at any rate.

I had hoped posting this would calm my feeling of near panic, but it seems to have made it a bit worse.

Avoid basements people! It’s the LAW! Or should be? If I EVER see that basement, be warned, I WILL blow up the house it belongs to. *shudder*

I am glad I haven’t had any (especially the recurring ones) for a long time, but now I have a BAD feeling about it. hehe

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