Job hunt

I always wondered why people hated job hunting. It’s not the hunt that is the hard part! it’s the capture (or release, depending on the situation).

The one specific place I wanted to work was my first resume drop and online aptitude test/application. I gave it approximately 2 weeks before applying anywhere else. IN part optimism that job would pan out, and in part I enjoy working from home – in nothing if I wanted – so a bit of procrastination.

Tonight I had 5 resumes on hand while shopping, and will do that each time I go out shopping. Not always 5, but some. And I will hand them out where ever strikes my fancy. Tonight I handed one in at Wal-Mart and a few other spots in the mall. All but Wal-Mart did say they weren’t hiring right now, one said they won’t be until summer for summer, another said she liked my resume and starred it in front of me “because you never know” (And I am SURE she looked at the one employee that was there?) I admit, my management of the park was what got the attention, but they quickly picked up on the census work and the fact I have worked in some form of the service industry my whole life.

Ideally, I would get a job in about 2 – 3 weeks, but have allowed myself until the end of February before I go begging. haha

Now, I mentioned I handed one in at Wal-Mart, that is so I don’t forget. Thing is, they won’t even look at the resume until I have done the whole online application and such. Which, I will wait one more week. JUST in case something a bit less “tedious” (or less Wal-Mart) jumps up.

I thought about being a waitress again, I actually enjoy it. But my memory is crap and not so sure my wrists could take that sort of repetition any more. So I won’t apply for those sorts of jobs JUST yet. Save that for the end. MOST waitress jobs (with the experience I have) won’t be overly hard to come by, just not the best hours to start, and hard on my old body.

No, I enjoy this part of it. The whole making them notice me, knowing what sort of first impression I want to make, no sweating questions. It’s the interview that I dislike. I have always done well at them, but It’s the inability to know just what they might ask. Oh, sure. You can have a rough idea. But never really know.

And this whole new online “fill out this personality test, IQ test, and if you don’t mind we need a cavity search while we’re at it” WOW! just crazy. I mean come on, do you REALLY need to know about my party behaviour? Has NOTHING to do with my work habits. At a party I will be under the table with the family pet having a blast. PLUS, I do not GO to parties. At work? I will know everyone’s life history and chat up any customer that is willing to talk. My work persona is NOTHING like who I am in my off hours.

Thankfully, I never answer the questions from a personal stand point, ALWAYS from a business point. Never to out going, yet likes people, THAT is what a computer sees. “Yes ‘mm I AM mighty friendly with the folks round here. But MY GOODNESS! Look at me WORK!” *shrugs* Maybe it’s the part of me who wished to be an actor or singer, but I LIKE to be that person. At WORK!

Being older, and having the Mom that I do, I have also really learned a LOT about reading and playing a situation (interview/conversation) to my best abilities. Hell, most folks in a job situation would almost think I was some sort of actual human. 😉 Or if not human, at least I can pass for mostly normal?

Just hope I never have to spell on the fly (without a spell checker!!) THEN I’d be in trouble.

SO, that’s my life right now. Trying to find a way to make money – legally. 😉

I have to be honest, I had thought about making purses and wallets but I doubt that would last long before I drove myself nuts. Making them for me is one thing, if I make a mistake I fix it. If I was getting paid and making it for someone and made a mistake? HOLY CRAP! I’d scrape everything to that point and start over. (Actually, I have been known to do that with my own stuff …) Which is why I don’t sew, build, create professionally. I’d either argue with the customer (telling them they are wrong) OR I would restart something from scratch so often I would have NO profit.

OH But guys? IF I DO get a decent job, this time next year I can start being creative again. FOR FUN!! AND IF (that is one HELL of a huge if) hubby gets his LTD back? Then I can actually do things MUCH sooner, AND clear up some debt too! 😀


Fuck me but I used loads of caps in this post. Ah well. Deal with it.

Now, I am off to watch some Supernatural. What? Don’t give me that look. If you’ve read more than one of my posts you KNEW that was my drug of choice. Pftt. Speaking of, if you haven’t seen it? WATCH it. Now! It’s awesome. (and has some great eye candy. 😀 😉 )

Oh, right. And at some point around 4am I will go to sleep.  *looks at time and see it is past 2am already* or maybe later?

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