Feminism and future generations

I use to be very thankful I did not have a girl child. In part because of how I was (I am very sorry Mom! 😀 ) and in part because of what women go through on a daily basis. How could I make it better for her? I didn’t think I had it in me.

But, I had a boy child, lucky I had thought. They have it easier. I could try to raise him right, make it better for girls through teaching my son what is wrong.

But the more feminism comes up in the world, and the more he questions (He has always questioned things in life, I am proud to say), the more I wonder if there is ever a right child to bring into this world? I use to be a proud feminist. But now, there are days I want to scream that I have nothing to do with it. When I see the rabid feminists who think no man can do anything right, when I see my own son being attacked for questioning life in general, or making a point that is grounded in reality and thoughtfulness. THAT is when I want to turn in my womanhood membership and deny I was ever a feminist.

Sure, a big part of that may be that I am momma bear in defense of my child regardless of the truth, I own that. But there is truth to the statement that some woman go overboard when their actions and motives are questioned, when ANY man asks an honest question in search of truth. There is also truth in the fact I have no clue how to explain to my son why it is okay for women to have exclusive groups, articles, toys, books, etc., yet it is sexist and demeaning and horrible if a man wants the same thing. How do I explain to my son that it is not okay in some people’s eyes to just integrate everything so that EVERYONE gets the slice they deserve?

Someone explain to me why it is better for women to have their own things as opposed to including everyone regardless of gender, race, or any other differences? Why cater to either sex? Why not just say “this is for everyone”?

Someone explain it to me so I can explain it to my son. Because right now, I want to raise the best child I can and with him being 19 now, I am running out of time.



*I had added so much more. But I realized that sometimes less is more. And in this case it just started to become this lake of quicksand. Going around and around. Never having an end. I just need a reason for this whole mess. I just need to know why either side cares what the other has? Why must it be “them or us”? Why can it just be “we”?


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