Working girl

… I think that title may be misleading. I simply am talking about a regular job, in a grocery store. Not what all you perverts were thinking, now was it?

So I now have to 4 hour shifts under my belt. And have to say, I was a bit worried I might have trouble learning a whole new system. I have never worked with a computerized/scanning system before, but it was actually fairly easy to catch on to. Though to hear some of the bosses and other clerks tell the story, I am some prodigy or something? LOL I’m serious, if they give me any more compliments my head will swell so large I won’t fit through the entrance, and it’s HUGE!

They keep trying to tell me that I don’t need to know the PLU codes for everything (mainly produce) for a while, but I find it frustrating that I have only learned 3 codes. Especially when the training/shadowing clerks can rattle them off so fast and seemingly know them all. Even the bosses and other clerks tell me it can take a long time. Honestly, it’s just who I am. I am not super competitive, but I do like to try to be better than expected, especially when I have something to prove. I want to make them see that their trust taking a chance on me is NOT misplaced. So, that part of me that argues, competes, and “has to be right” when it comes to family, starts to show up a tiny bit while at work. Not so much as it would get me in trouble, but just enough I lose my smile for a second and have to substitute words for what I want to say. E.G.: “PICKLES! I was only 1 number off” Though I really want to say “GOD DAMN IT!” hehe

I also learned that when I don’t get something the first time? I tend to forget how to spell and can’t hear lower voiced people very well. Odd thing to happen, but when I am on a roll, my hearing is so sharp and even in the din of the mad rushes and everyone talking and machines beeping, I can hear the faintest things. But if I mishear or feeling like I am falling behind (which I have been told I do not) then I have to ask for codes 2 or 3 times. My perfectionist side HATES it, and wants my brain to know alllllllllllll the numbers.

To sum up? I need to learn patience with myself, and accept that time is needed. Plus I need new non-swear words, pickles and fudgsicle are boring.

Overall, I am really enjoying being out of the house and working. It will be that much better when my body remembers what it is like to stand and move. Being a housewife/couch potatoe has really made my body forget what ACTUAL work is like.

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