Whistle while you work

Well here it is, 2 weeks after my interview (give or take a few days). Some things are pretty much as I expected, or have experienced before. While other things are very different. For now, I am still learning, and enjoying the newness of it all. Though, I will say, my body is very unhappy with moving. I have muscles that haven’t worked in years screaming, and even my aches are aching!

It’s interesting going from a “corner store” or Mom and Pop type store to a large chain store. Instead of one or two people doing everything, you have several departments that work in unison. I was hire as a general clerk, which means I am trained in cashier and service. Cashier, I know, and love, and hope is my final “resting place” in the rotation. Service clerk is a nice change, but difficult for my body to do easily or quickly. It is not HARD work, but is challenging and works the muscles and body in ways I have not done since I was a younger person.

I do get a sore back from running the tills, but that will come in time as I learn to handle the volume of customers more efficiently. As it stands (pun not intended), I am use to grabbing, packing, and moving as I would at home for small items. I use the pinch grip instead of the power grip, I grab for items rather than let them come to me on the belt, and other little things like that (including how I carry and load the bags). I am slowly learning the techniques, but it will take a while before it becomes habit.

With the service clerk position, it is heavier work. It was something I could have handle in a snap when I was younger and stronger, but now takes a toll on my body. Lots of bending, which should be done with bent knees each and every time, but is not always the best for time. The re-stacking/stocking of the shopping carts is the hardest. To make many trips of just 3 -4 carts is an energy sucker, as it is a slight incline and several spots away from the store. While doing 6 – 7 carts is very hard on the back and legs, and becomes very difficult to maneuver (for me).  I have one more 4 hours shift to train as a service clerk, then back to cashier work.

I am really hoping that can be my permanent position. Since everyone keeps telling me that they need more cashier, that seems like a strong possibility? I can hold out hope. For now I have next week off, then only 3 days the week after. But that could change very quickly. I have already had one more shift added this week.

Overall, I do enjoy the job, so far everyone, about 20 – of the over 150 employees – that I have met have been great, and I am getting a swelled ego from all the compliments!! Maybe I’ll even believe it if they keep that up. 😉

Well, I am off to reheat my hot bag. The only thing that keeps the aches to a dull roar. haha


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