Life so far …

It’s been awhile since I have posted here. Though, it feels longer than just 2 weeks??

Job is going well. Have full-time hours the next few weeks, then back down to only 16 hours. I don’t mind physically, though for the bills it isn’t the greatest.

It’s going well though. I am learning all the codes fairly well. I do have a long way before I know them all. Which is ok, as even some of the veteran cashiers don’t know all the codes. My body is holding up fairly well. I get the obvious aches and pains after 8 hours on my feet. And today is my third eight-hour shift in a row with only one day off from the last batch, so I am quite stiff this morning. At least I only have one more eight-hour shift tomorrow then have 2 days off in a row.

The oddest thing about this job, is how quickly I felt at home. Not so much with the other employees (too many, and the shifts and breaks are too varied to really “hang out” with a regular crowd), but in the general sense. I feel comfortable in the job, and am surprised at how much I missed the interaction with customers! Sure there are “down falls” to this job right now – for example, I don’t have set hours, and my days off are never the same, and I am still getting use to being active again – but it is to be expected, as I am low man on the pole so to speak. As I gain time and experience and others are hired, I will be able to have a more set schedule. Or at least that was the way to was worded?

For now, I will keep plugging along and take whatever hours I get and hope that I get the hours I need and the days I want, sooner rather than later.

Now I need to go get ready for work.


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