And she bobs back to the surface

Don’t ask, I suck at coming up with witty titles. *shrugs*

I am in a slightly better place. For now at least. Sure, I’m still worried we won’t get the LTD, but in the grand scheme of things? We will some how be okay. No clue how, but I’ll figure it out.

Sure, some bills will be ignored, or paid late, and our credit is in the can, but we will have a roof over our heads, and basic food on the table, so all things considered? That’s not to bad, I think.

I am debating about suggesting folks buy purses from me. But 1.) I am working now, so time is an issue and 2.) I have no CLUE how much to charge, or where to begin.

Which leaves me trying to figure out how to BEG boss for more hours. At the very least 35 a week. At least I picked up an extra 4 hours this week, which is a bonus.


  • Find corners to cut in cable bill
  • Find corners to cut in landline (or lose landline? – look into that)
  • Talk to kid about taking over his cell and tablet costs
  • Learn how to coupon and comparison shop (most places price match – including my work)
  • figure out what I can do to make more money*.
  • Try not to lose what is left of my feeble mind.
  • Figure how HOW to reassure hubby all is fine WHILE doing the above?!
  • Watch more Supernatural CHECK (all DAY check!)


*I can do many things well, but nothing that makes me stand out above anyone else. AND it take money to make things. The ONLY think I have AMAZING ideas for is the purse(s) I make and shopping bags. Neither of which is “better” than ones already out there. Better made? Maybe? If I had the money for the basics (good thread, needles, and zippers cost more than the Wal-Mart crap I can afford). I certainly have not seen anyone else with a comic lined purse and matching wallet. (hell, I’d LOVE to make other geeky themed ones – – BUT, MONEY!)

Err, anyway. Yeah, I am still stressed, and worried, and all that crap. BUT, I am not as overwhelmed and desperate to find a way out. Well, I want a way out (as in, give me your money), but not “how can I run away from my life” sort of out.

Oh, pftt you know what I mean.

Sadly? If I thought I COULD make money at it, I would LOVE to make my purses and matching wallets 24/7! Anyone? Problem is? Takes me 2 days (about 6 hours a day) PLUS close to $50 in material. I’d have to charge a minimum of $60 to see even a tiny profit, and close to $80 or $100 to live, and that is ONLY if I could sell 5 a week. I just doubt that would happen. (once I do the next one for myself (in a billion years from now), I will have a pattern, and have done a rough guess of 5 hours from start to finish for one purse. That is if no one wants it customized.

I have it ALL in my head, exactly how to do it, (including the wallet), just no overhead to try it.

Ah well. Pipe dreams are for those with money, right?

The bottom line of this post? I am feeling less cornered and desperate, but still need (want) money, and no clue what to do.

So, I guess, things are looking up? 😀

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