Creativity strikes, for a shiny second

Had a flash of mediocrity today while my bowels planned their escape from my body.

This was the result … (Be gentle, sort of)



She woke in a dark corner of the room. The noise was deafening and the space cramped. She sat up and tried to pull her thoughts together, what was the last thing she remembered?




Last night she had had way to much to drink, the headache she felt was nothing compared to the embarrassment and disgust she felt at herself as the memories rushed back almost to fast to grasp.


Why must she always make such fucked up choices in her life? It was always this way, ever since that night. She pushed hard against the memory trying to surface. Tears rolled down her face.


What the hell was in that last drink?




She remembered the foggy vision and flash of light. What the hell HAD been in that last drink?


She tried to stand, get her bearings but she bumped her head, hard. She pulled out her phone and turned on the flashlight. What the …? She was in a small area with what looked like luggage? Did I have some sort of psychotic break? She saw a shimmer as she moved her phone around. Luck, maybe. It was a latch. She opened it and rolled out. Falling 5 feet to the pavement.


She sat there as the plane continued to move away from the airport.


Oh shit! Now what had she done?


She saw the men running toward her, so she took off at a run, straight for the terminal, maybe she could lose herself in the crowd.


As she slammed into the door at speed, she flung the door open and stopped dead in her tracks. Standing in front t of her was a young girl, maybe 13 or 14? No. She was 15, she knew that. The over permed hair, wrap-around jean skirt and T-shirt.


She stared at her younger self trying to find a logical explanation for what she was seeing. I must be in a coma, or dreaming. Maybe I finally drank so much I died. “That’s it, I’m in hell.” Ruth muttered.


The young girl blinked and took a step back, “Wha … um, are you talking to me?” She stammered the words, her fear showing so plainly it was impossible to miss.


Ruth tried to wipe the scowl and anger from her face, with little success, “Uh, hey. I just noticed you look lost and scared. Wondered if you need help?”


The man grabbed Ruth’s arm. What had been his name? She couldn’t remember. I know what I want to call him, but I’ll stick to ‘the prick’.


The Prick snarled, “She’s my cousin and just got lost, she’s with me.


The young girl paled and tried to stammer, but no words were formed.


This was not what happened! This truly is hell. Ruth stumbled back a step, her vision narrowing. She felt almost as hopeless now as she did back then. I am going to have to relive this, and I can’t stop it.


Just then her mind snapped into focus. She could almost feel the gears start back up. Wait, if this IS hell, a coma or whatever, fuck that. I can change this out come. Consequences be damned, this will not happen a second time.


Ruth laid he hand on the mans and forcefully bent his fingers to remove his hand from her arm. She smiled with hatred spreading so deeply to her eyes you could almost see the sparkle there, “Oh? Pray tell, what is this girls name then? I highly doubt you can answer the question, as I can practically smell the slimy, no good predator vibe on you. I suggest you leave this airport and leave lost girls alone from now on,” Ruth lowered her voice a fraction and growled at The Prick, “or I will find you and rip your dick from your body and feed it to you.”


She push The Prick away and turned to the girl, “Come with me. Will find airport security and find you a way out of here.”


The girl now looked like she wanted to run and throw up all at the same time. But she nodded and managed to put one foot in front of the other to walk with her older self.

“Wh .. who … wha ..” She was unable to ask any of the questions that had formed in her mind.


Who was this lady, and why did she care about me?



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