Life is strange

Been having the oddest week, maybe month. Emotionally up and down, and just not sure if I am inside or out!

I was struggling.

Then, Prince died, and I realized, while it is okay to be upset, it was affecting me more than perhaps it should. I realized, that maybe, just maybe my mental health was more out of whack than I was owning up to. Just all the stresses we are facing, and while we are “okay” being behind in bills and living moment to moment trying to balance it all was getting to me.

Then I woke up this morning to $300 on my computer. My son decided that with his last cheque (he gave his notice at his job) he would pay us his share of rent.

I have so many emotions running through me right now, I haven’t the foggiest what I am feeling!

I just know I am feeling shame (a parent should never take money from their child), and pride (how did I mange to raise such an amazing child?).


And now, I have been called into work early, so I must run!

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