Just breathe!

Well, I don’t know who I need to thank (I don’t believe in god), but I will give a blanket thank you to whoever.

While I was in the shower, wondering who will cut off what utility first, I hear hubby let out the LOUDEST WOO HOO in a long time (over 10 years?).

He barges into the bathroom and announces that he has been approved! LTD FINALLY GOT BACK TO US GUYS!! He will get a lump sum totaling 4 months, then a monthly until October. At which time he will then be reviewed again to see if he can do ANY job, not just the job he had.

I have already put all the numbers into Money, and balanced everything and don’t know if I should laugh, cry, or vomit. ha! While it will take about 2 months to get everyone paid up, (so we don’t spend it all at once)but it will be done.

A few will not be paid in full, taxes, medical, loan through Mom, and another loan, but I CAN up the payments so they are paid off sooner. And IF (giant if) he is approved permanently then we can have all THOSE paid off by mid 2017!


Guys? I feel faint. But I don’t think I have breathed so easily in over 5 years!


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