Such a clutz

Truly, I was born a clutz, and as long as I can remember I have tripped over, banged into, fall on almost everything you could imagine. Most of the time I wasn’t even drinking. HA!

It usually happens on a daily basis, but oddly enough, it VERY rarely happens when I have been working (excluding working from home). I think maybe once? Now twice? Oh, sure I’d have minor bangs and scraps while working (depending on the job) but, like I said, only twice have I had major issues. Once WAY back (over 20 years ago) I fell down some stairs while on the job. And today, I tripped (and fell – obviously) over one of those hand-held grocery baskets.

Thing is, when it happened, I was WAY more embarrassed than hurt, and having worked jobs where there was NO protocol for such things, the attention REALLY bothered me. Just added to the bruised ego and huge lobster syndrome (what I lovingly *snort* call embarrassment with intense blushing) . But when I sat down, 15 minutes later, with supervisor/shop steward, I could feel my muscles scream and start to tighten.

Even at that point I was SURE I could finish my shift as I had the next day off to recuperate. But, after only 3 customers and trying to pack the groceries, I knew I couldn’t make it past my lunch break, but I was SURE I could make it until then.

Then came the large order. Even with the customer being amazing and helping me lift and pack anything over half a pound, my body was beginning to feel the strain of the fall, and I knew I had to go home, or have a shadow to pack for six more hours (NOT something that would happen).

So home I came. STILL thinking I was fine. Got in the car, grunting and groaning. Got home, had to park a bit away from the house (someone in our lot), and walking down hill was a bit of a chore … but still fine, I was sure. Hubby convinced me to take some of his Robaxect (sp?) And have a nap. And I started to feel a little less sore. I slept about an hour before I woke drenched in sweat and had to pee.

And now, sitting here, typing this out, I begin to wonder just how long this will take before I feel like I can move properly, IF I ever will.

I am dreading tomorrow, as I know I will feel even worse. I just wish there was a way to feel better NOW, not 5 days from now.

I won’t say I won’t need the doctor, as the story above shows, I have been wrong all day! BUT, I will say, I don’t think it will go that far? I would have thought if anything was that serious I’d be in a bit more pain by now? But I will hold finally judgement until tomorrow when the REAL pain kicks in. I may change my mind by then?

I just HATE that first I have 2 sick days, and now this! I HATE missing work. It is NOT who I am. MAYBE it wouldn’t bother me if I had been then for several years already? But, so soon? I worry they might start thinking I am a flake, or something?

But for now, I will try to relax and get better. Maybe send the husband for ginger ale later to settle my stomach. And maybe Aleeve? As the is a better anti-inflammatory that Advil or Tylenol, and I can take it more often than Robaxect.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to try to settle my stomach before I throw up all over the keyboard.


ANY suggestions to feel better fast would be greatly appreciated.



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