IBS / Health

I will warn you all now, this will be extreme TMI. You may want to just turn away now and save yourself the horror of what I will be posting.

No. Seriously, go click another link.

Alright, so for anyone left, or just myself, either way, I am going to go on with my post now, You’ve been warned.


(Hope that was enough type to hide this in the post preview mode?)

So as I have mentioned before (and in far to many tweets), my doctor suspects I have IBS (still not convinced that’s the whole problem). Well, the last few months it has been getting steadily worse, with almost every time I move my bowels feeling like I am giving birth to a rhinoceros, horn first.

I have tried so many “tips and tricks” to make these better. I’ve tried avoiding certain foods, eating certain foods, I’ve tried upping my water intake, lowering the water intake (that was bad), I have even tried adding fiber, which just made things worse. Honestly, the only think I have not done is eliminated my caffeine 100%. I ONLY have coffee on my days off (which is only reason I poop at all), and am not willing to get rid of it 100%.

Almost every cycle of my “IBS” has the 3rd day ending in blood, sweat, and tears (literally!) Of course it is not an exact 3 days of pooping every time, but seems like it? Though the cycle is becoming more vicious? What I do know, is that last day before 2 or 3 days rest (no pooping) is I am usually SURE I am going to poop out my entire insides, or what is left. Not usually a lot of blood, but some, and it is really annoying the fuck out of me.

Now, reading all that, you would probably ask “What has your doctor said about this new development” and I’d say, “You are right to ask, but I haven’t talked to him yet”

I am sure you’d bang your head, ask me why, I’d say something about how my brain is scrambled and no balance yet about work. But the truth is? I just plain old forget! HOW could I forget, I can hear you scream (or not scream?). I really don’t know. I am usually on such a deadline when it hits (just about to go to work, or needing sleep ASAP for work), that all I am thinking about is how am I going to make it. Doc doesn’t open until 9, and is closed at 4. So most of the time I am at work, sleeping, or pooping. And NO, I will NOT call while on the toilet. EW (Especially as I am usually making horrible sounds that only an animal hit by a semi-truck would make)

Plus after all that, I tend to spend the rest of the day needing to soak my ass with a cloth dipped in the hottest of water JUST to ease the pain a tiny bit. (AND because *gross stuff here* I can NEVER be clean back there. It’s just wrong, fecal matter, mucous, and sometimes blood. I HATE IT!)

And now, it seems like I barely have that 2 or 3 days of “rest” from it before it starts all over again.

I always vow I won’t post to twitter, or Facebook, or even here, after-all, WHO wants to here about poop problems? But, here I am, posting about it.

And add to that the fact I had a dizzy spell today, and it just isn’t getting better.

Honestly, NO ONE ever can prepare you to be an adult with all the health problem.

I want to be a kid again. Broken bones, sprains, scrapes, and black eyes and all the rest are SO MUCH easier to deal with. I miss those times.

Now if you excuse me, I have to soak my butt in material from the sun to ease the pain.

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