Place holder

I have some things – non-complaining things – swirling in my mind. I am not sure if I will ever post them, or even let them out of their cage. (creativity can bite the hand of it’s slave owner) And I am not sure how deeply I want to dive into myself to place it out in the open …. scary thought, that is.

So, for now, I will post this “place holder” as a reminder to myself that I DO have creative ideas, and even if I do not follow through, I know the spark was there at one point.

Also a reminder to myself, be VERY careful what you choose to read/watch/listen to. For FUCK sake, stop devouring those things in such large chunks. It really screws with your mind. Remember the dreams? Just slow down, and with books(and other things) set in darker tones (even if they are “juvenile” and “easy reads”), take small bites and leave a few days in between each read (or whatever).

The depression isn’t worth it.


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