Body issues

I’m only partially talking about looks, for the most part I am talking about my health.

This IBS is killing me, slowly. I had a stretch of about 4 good days, no pooping (oh, this post may contain TMI), no bloating, and no pain! I was still feeling a bit “off”, but not bad. Hell, I was even able to look in the mirror and see (mostly) what others were saying about my weight loss and looking good.

But then …

A few days ago my streak of greasy, waxy hair came back (even though my thyroid numbers are still nice and low) and last night my IBS kicked in to high gear.

Which is why this post is full formed, composed, and posted (and other adjectives that mean approximately the same thing) from the bathroom.

Honestly, if my body could stop trying to kill me for just a little while? I could actually learn to love it (in turn, myself).

Wish I could find a day off that doc had open … 

Now to hurry up and wait for my bowels so I can get ready for work.

*Cries into toilet*

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