Doctor’s appointment Monday

For anyone interested, or those willing to read WAY too much TMI stuff, I will attach the document I have printed (without the penned fixes) to show doc on Monday.

But for speed sake, I will sum up what I plan on saying/doing at appointment.

Added information:

In the last few weeks, I have had two moments of “Deja vu”, one tonight while at work. I have had this in the past, frequently, and it always throws me off for a day or two, mentally, and physically.

In the past, It was usually a feeling of a past memory (one that could NOT have happened in this life time – no I do not believe in reincarnation, which is why it would throw me off), along with the “strain of the brain” to try to remember it, headache and nausea.

The last few have been more like a feeling of being in a dream that I had had …. but in REAL life. Reenacting it if you will (or having a dream come true, but in a literal sense).

The one at work came with a bout of my vertigo after (for the remaining 2 hours), nausea (VERY intense), headache, feeling of dread, and just a general sense of being sick.

From past (and tonight) research I know that can be a sign of many things: seizures, brain lesions, tumors, nerve damage, stress, and/or anxiety.

Now, considering what I know of myself, and the moments all the past and present incidents, I have ruled out stress and anxiety. I can’t, without proof, rule out any of the others, but am leaning to nerve damage, maybe seizures?


So, I plan on trying to get doc to fix (work on) both the bowel issues, and the new nerve/shoulder/whatever issue. BUT, if he makes me choose only one, definitely the shoulder/brain/whatever issue.

I admit, when it comes to my health? Very little bothers me, as I know I can (and WILL) fight until I have an answer that works (solution). BUT, I am beginning to have some concerns regarding this new brain/shoulder thing. as it throws my whole system in to hyper drive and is exhausting me.

An answer would be great.


Attached document:

Doctors appt

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