Doctors, Blood, Pokemon GO, and other assorted things

As mentioned in last post, I had my doctor’s appointment today. I am honestly not sure what I think about it? On the one hand, I still have NO answers to my problems, BUT, on the other hand he did order a butt load of blood tests as a “starting point”? Which means we will get somewhere eventually? I think? I just don’t know what the next step is. And he never really said WHAT the next step is.

I showed him my 3 pages of concerns. Alright, fine, it was a quarter of a page of concern, in an Arial size 14 font, and 2 pages of symptoms, but still. He actually (appeared to) read it, and asked questions, so that’s good? He appears to be concentrating on the bowels, with my shoulder/arm/nerve thing being a close second. He did seem concerned about my deja vu/brain issues, and even though he didn’t say it, I believe he feels that is related to the nerve/arm/blahblahblah thing. (In other-words, I have no clue, but tried to mind read, and took clues from his body language … *shrugs*)

I did get the letter for work that I should not be on till 3. Second in command at work seemed bothered by the note? Seems paperwork may be involved if this goes on longer than 2 weeks? But as I told him, doc isn’t even sure WHAT the issue is yet, so we have no clue how long it will be. I wasn’t about to say “DUDE, I have SO much wrong with me, we don’t even know where to start, so hold your pants!” (Though, mind have been funny to see his reaction? IF I had been working there longer than 5 months!!)

So Doc tested me for the usual stuff, liver/kidney stuff that indicates a range of issues from inflammation to muscle problems in the body, along with the standard thyroid, blood count, H. Pylori (man, hope not … looked it up *EWW*), and a bunch of other things.

Ended up being 6 (maybe 7?) small vials of blood (I’ve had more taken), and I need to get 2 stool samples *gag* and a urine sample (WHICH I forgot about until just now. *smacks forehead*)

So, while we were in the doctor’s office during hubby’s turn (hubby was with me because he needed refills – and I forgot to rat him out about his breathing grr), he talked about Pokemon Go and I mentioned how it got him out of the house more and doc said he’d heard about it and practically prescribed the game to him! HAHA (well, okay, he just told him if he found it to work then that was great. BUT, STILL!)

I did notice though, that when we were shopping and the crowds were larger? Hubby would pull out his phone and look for Pokemon and he seemed much more relaxed than when we usually shop. PLUS he didn’t feel the need to stay in the car at any point, and it was AWESOME! He even smiled a few times when we saw people who he knew. ❤ 😀


And, no, I have not played it. One of us needs to be designated walker/driver in this family. hehehe

You know, I truly hope I can have a BM soon. The sooner I can get this sample back to the lab, the sooner I can get some answers or at least get to the next step.

So, I am off to drink a pot of coffee and anything else that might “trigger” me. Hell, I have tomorrow off too, so it’s all good if I cycle early. Better actually, prefer days off to be on the toilet instead of when I work.

Wish me luck? haha


*note, This health thing is actually really bringing me down – low – but knowing there might be a start to figuring things out, if not the solution, from these tests? That’s helping to lift me up some. Tad worried there will be NO results, then what? UGH!

Okay, back to silly and happy!

NEVER let them see you cry!

I’ve got this. I’m good. ALWAYS fighting.

ha ha ha

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