Good day

Not sure what was going on in my head today, but I had a good day.

Health-wise, it was crappy. My stomach is in knots, cramping, and bowels moving slow. I also have a cold, which is starting a cough and wreaking havoc with my asthma and lungs. AND, to top it off? I think I have a cyst or two starting on one of my ovaries (all I have left of my “girly” stuff).

But all that aside, I felt happy. I felt silly and playful and up. seriously I felt like I had taken a happy pill. And I was at work. Go figure. I am now exhausted, but still good. The happy is subsiding, as my bowels are very grumpy, and I haven’t eaten yet.

But it was the oddest thing. I honestly can not remember the last time I actually felt happy. Not like that, anyway. Not where it was all day, and just felt good. It was weird. A solid 9 plus hours of straight up happy. No dips, no waves just feeling good about … well, not life per se … just a general things are good feeling.

Honestly, it has been so long, it was almost like a drug the way it felt. And while it is fading now (back to normal), it is leaving behind a grain of hope that that could be a normal thing? Just need my health fixed. (My theory at least.)

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