One step forward, 5 back

Just when one issue (my bowels/insides) appears to be close to having an answer, I go ahead and get myself bit.

Two days ago, Wed 23rd, we took my cat to the vet to have the sores on her lip looked at. While walking to the door of the vets, a dog approached us. I had a good grip on the girl, and she just hissed and got a bit upset. Once inside, she relaxed, explored, and became chill kitty.

Knowing that there was a dog in the exam room, and was about to come out, I picked up my girl and held her tight. When the dog came out, she hissed and growled, but was okay. But the lady had dropped her wallet under the chair I was sitting in, and approached WITH the dog (on leash, behind her). That movement of the dog, and someone unknown in her space caused her to freak the fuck out. She latched on to my right pointer finger with her teeth, and chomped down on it. Her teeth bit into me several times without actually leaving my skin. This left 3 punctures (doc thought to the bone) on the top side, and one single puncture on the underside of the finger, which probably nicked the tendon.

Not sure how I managed to get free of her, but it was some intense pain. Luckily I had bandages in my purse and put 3 on my finger. I had to change one within 2 minutes as it bleed through the plastic.

By the time we got home, an hour and a half drive, my finger had swollen to almost twice its size, and was extremely red. I decided to go to the hospital. I was given antibiotics and a tetanus shot. Yesterday morning when I woke, 2 of the top punctures had pimple like pockets on the surface, and to bottom one looked like a blood blister. So, I lanced them and drained a bit of pus from them. While sitting on the couch and squeezing my finger at the base to relieve the pain, close to 2 tablespoons (I am estimating, could be way off) of nasty pus came out of the bottom puncture.

During the day, my finger and hand continued to swell and the pain became more intense. I called Mom (she was a nurse) and asked he what I should do next.

I ended up calling my family doctor and got into to see him in the time it took me drive there. He gave me some T3’s for the pain, as the antibiotics I was given at the hospital was the usual course of action, and he asked me to come in today.

IF there was no improvement, or it got worse, he would know today and I would be sent to the hospital for an IV of antibiotics, and possibly a “closer look” (what does that even mean) to see if something else was wrong.

As it stands right now, it is not better, but I do not think it is worse either. Actually, pain wise it is not quite as bad. However, I have a low-grade fever, I think? (well, I get extremely hot, then extremely cold – no thermometer in the house), and have horrid gas and diarrhea, and feel sick to my stomach. This could be from the antibiotics, or it could be the infection. No clue.

I just know I am miserable. But know I HAVE to go to work tomorrow, somehow I have to figure it out.

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