Once again, over doing things

I truly have a VERY bad habit of over doing things when I should be resting.

After my hysterectomy, I was trying to be up and about within a few days (Though, my body forced me to slow down for a few weeks), and now, with this finger, being on the stronger pain medication, I find myself trying to do things. Which, when your index finger is the one hurt, and it will not bend out-of-the-way, tends to lead to bangs and bumps.
Add to that, the antibiotics and the pain medication both add to stomach discomfort, you could say I am getting a VERY hard lesson in why the doctor told me to just “sit this one out for a week or so”.

That aside, I did have a reason for over doing it.

You see, my cat (the one who bit me), was at the vet to have her lip checked out. She has some sort of ulcer(s) on her upper lips. He wasn’t positive what it was, not without REALLY expensive tests. So he gave us some medication for her to try, and it sort of is working? Even though the ulcers had not appeared to bother her, did not seem to be painful, she is now a bit more lovey dovey, and seemingly happier??

ALL research I did online points towards an allergy (if it is the type of ulcer he thinks it is, and is not cancer). So, today we bought them new food and litter that I had researched and appears to be the best for cats with allergies (and regular cats).

I was worried they may not like any of it, especially as I just up and change things out, no “let’s do this slowly” for my girls! They have only ever liked one brand of dry food, and one style of wet, as for the litter? 2 of them never had issues, but my girl would randomly just do her business outside the box for many reasons. Some of which were the middle cat being a bitch, but occasionally it was just random, no apparent reason why she wouldn’t use it.

First I tried the wet food, as it is how we have been giving the girl her medicine (otherwise they rarely get wet food). They all finished their small spoonfuls off in seconds, looking for more and eyeing me up like I would be next! (scary looks!) So, I choose to clean the entire area for the food and litter, washed the box, their bowls, the floor, and switched it all out.

I will say, the litter so far, seems to be good for me. No breathing issues, no horrific chemical or perfume smells, not bad! (though, yes, I did wear my mask while cleaning)

After filling their bowls with the new food, which has no fake colour, and only one size of morsel, I was a tiny bit worried. My girl, the pickiest of them all, came in and didn’t even slow down or hesitate. She went right for that bowl and started chowing down on the food as if she hadn’t eaten in months. Pretty sure I even heard her purring.

Now, they have like other foods in the past, when we’ve tried new food, only to turn their noses up at it just hours later. But not usually like this with no hesitation. Usually in the past they would sniff and nibble then eat. But this was a “I’ll shove you out-of-the-way to get to it” type behaviour.

And my girl even used the litter. Now, that could just be because she will sometimes ONLY use it if it is brand new, so that’s a wait and see. But again, she just jumped in and went, no hesitation.

I’ll admit, part of me was hoping we’d have to look at other solutions, as this stuff (both litter and food(s)) are almost 3 times what we normally pay! BUT, if after a month it seems to be helping? It will be VERY well worth it! *crosses fingers*

Plus, both the litter and the dry food have frequent buyer programs where after x many bags you get one free. So that will help.

I so hope this works for my girl!

Now if you excuse me, I think I need to amputate my finger. Or at least take some more pain medication. OWWWW
I am SUCH a moron.

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