Doctors visit

So I saw the doctor today. Mostly just a check in; Did I get a date for colonoscopy, how are my symptoms, let’s try new meds, thyroid numbers etc.

Not much he can do about the colonoscopy date, though he did send off (or will?) an e-mail. Apparently they are closing in on catching up. Curse the system for not having enough doctors in small, rural areas. *sigh* My symptoms of course are hardly changed, though the Buscopan is helping prevent the alien from escaping through my stomach. And we are now trying a new medication for acid reflux symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, lump in throat (which is gone after only one dose!??), and not quite burning sensation. Basically that is to ease the upper symptoms while we wait to figure out the lower system issues.

At this point it would seem they are only coincidentally connected, together, but separate issues. The upper stuff – a knife wielding alien trying to escape and acid reflux – is one issue, making the lower issues feel worse, but actually their own problems. While the lower issues – the alien trying a new route without a knife, cramping, tiredness, fatigue, painful eyes (had no CLUE that was part of it), and a ton of other issues – are another problem all together.

Doc has gone from calling it IBS to calling IBD. Now, I had no clue there was a difference, and have done some research. Apparently, IBS is just random intestinal inflammation with no real cause. Most papers state it should real be called spasmodic colon. While IBD is an umbrella term for actual diseases such as colitis, Diverticulitis, and Chron’s, as well as other things (a few even lump cancer in there, but it is its own thing entirely).

Of course, I am holding money on diverticulitis only because my bio-mom has that, but I have been known to be wrong before.

Needless to say, with IBD, the only way to know which one it is, is with a colonoscopy. WHICH. IS. TAKING. FOREVER. *screams into the void*

On a good note, my thyroid numbers have gone down nicely, without upping my medication! .94! NICE and low. Which explains the better mood, but not why after 7 hours of sleep I still needed a 7 hour nap??

Fatigue can be part of IBD though.

So I guess it’s a step in some direction other than back. Just doesn’t feel much like forward movement. But it is something?

Now, if you will excuse me, I have been awake for more than 6 hours. I am exhausted and need to go to bed. AFTER I pour boiling water directly on my butt*.

OH, Right. Forgot to mention, most articles/papers recommend surgery for most chronic cases for IBD that are not helped with treatment. So can we all just HOPE that I can find some sort of solution?


*Not for real, though hot cloth soaks are the only thing that eases the pain after a movement. *shrugs*

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