I have been trying my hardest to find the positive in even the smallest things that happens to me. Some days are harder than others and I have to use the teeniest of things to focus on.

But I have been doing it. Yes, my health still sucks, money is tight, and life is hard. But guess what? I DO have a lot of good in my life. And focusing on that right now is getting me through the rough spots right now.

I didn’t realize just how dark my mind was for me BECAUSE of my health. Oh, I suspected, but until I forced myself to say at least one positive, no matter how small, and post it to twitter or FB, it didn’t realize just HOW bad I was.

A small, but for me large, positive right now is that dumb, amazing, bunny. Yes my asthma is acting up (but that is other health stuff too), but to watch how fucking happy that rabbit is JUST because we took him in? I get ready and am glad I chose to keep him, regardless of my lungs. I have never seen an animal so damned happy.

Mind, it also makes me a bit stabby towards whoever just up and left him out in the world with no care or love. *STAB STAB STAB*

Life isn’t easy. For some, it never will be, I have a feeling that is me. But I can make the best of what I have. Family, love, and necessities. Hell, I have TV, internet, and a cell phone. More than MANY have.

And, music. It will ALWAYS be my go to. If I stop listening? Or skip all songs? You know I am in a bad place.
For everyone having a rough time? I know it isn’t helpful, but just remember, you have made it this far in spite of all obstacles. You CAN make it one step more, then another, and another … Keep moving. You aren’t the only one on this path. You have company, and we all are here, struggling, but we know, we care!
I am here!



Maybe backwards, maybe sideways, but I am moving. I will hold you up and help you move!

Fight for you!

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