IBD flareup

Be warned, this post will contain details of my bowel movements in the last few days. Yep, I will be describing it. This is mostly for my own records, so I have an easy place to access what I have gone through the last few days, hours, so I do not forget, and can give my doc the details.

This latest flare-up is probably one of the worse ones I have had in a very long time. The pain is not as intense as I have had in recent past, though it does seem to be escalating to that? In the past I have had horrid intense pain leading to diarrhea. This seems to be the reverse.

I have been on this new diet (finally) for the past 4 days (5?), so I can only assume that the trigger in this case is either a “good food”, or something I had just before I started this. The only culprit my husband and I can come up with is Pizza Pops.

The next few days will be water, Jello, and broth (which will have to be homemade since I must be VERY careful what I have). I see lots of hunger in my near future.

Oddly, this flare-up started almost the same day I started the diet. But I don’t think it is the culprit. It has ramped up slowly over the course of 4 or 5 days. Usually when I have a flare-up, it is BOOM all of a sudden, one or two days with cramping and bruised insides for a week. But this was a slow build until today.

It began with a semi normal (as in other Peoples normal) BM. Little pain, little cramping. I had over optimistically hoped the diet was going to be a roaring success right off the bat. (logically I knew better, but I had hope) I went to work, felt great, if tired, which is a nice change. I was happy! Towards the end of my shift (an hour or so) I began to feel that twinge I get when a BM is soon to appear. By the time I got home, I had to go almost as soon as I walked in the door. It was back to my normal. Not diarrhea, but not even close to solid.

This pattern, BM before work, BM after work, continued for 3 days. Yesterday was when it escalated. Twice before work, increasing pain through my shift (pain starts in stomach, goes down left side, occasional right side, round to my back, and up between my shoulder blades. By the time I got home, I knew I would have to go as soon as I walked in the door.

Since I was supposed to work at 9:30 this morning, I knew I need to be in bed an hour after being home if I wanted to get 8 hours of sleep. But, of course my bowels had other plans for me. After many, many visits to the bathroom with escalating degree of diarrhea, I finally got to bed around 3 this morning. I mostly slept, with waking moments of some nasty cramps. I finally gave up on sleep at 7 this morning, began my life on the toilet.

It is now just past noon, and I have been on the toilet so much my legs hurt, and my feet are constantly tingly.

This morning has been a shit show (pun intended). I have taken 3 of my antispasmodic pills (allowed 6 a day), I have tried Pepto bismul, and the cramping won’t stop, the pooping won’t stop, and I am becoming dizzy, and exhausted.
My last BM was mostly water, but contained more mucous than the rest of my BMs, and also blood, and intestinal lining. BUT, on the upside of that, I have now spent 40 minutes off of the toilet and the cramps are somewhat under control with a boiling heat bag.


I will say, at this point, I truly can see why people with chronic pain become addicted to medication.

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