IBD, Hospital, etc update

Just a quick update on the last few days. You already know from my last blog how it all started. But after all of that first day, I began to become worried. Blood began to show up in my BMs. More and more the pain started to bring me to tears, and I was becoming light-headed, and just really sick.

At that point, it had only been about 12, maybe 18 hours, but I knew I was become dehydrated, and even if the hospital couldn’t do anything for me (at our local hospital it is all in what doctor and nurses are working, on what kind of treatment you get), I had to at least try.

Around 6pm, after the flare-up starting around 10 the night before, I called Mom to ask her thoughts, and she took me up to the hospital. By 8pm I was in, medicated (Pain-free never felt so good), and treated well. Wasn’t until 10 (not sure, time sort of all messed up) when I saw the doctor. And MAN did I like him. Nice bedside, treated me like a human, and listened to my problems. He even admitted to looking up stuff to make sure he did all testing (that he is able to at night) he could. I thought they took 6 vials of blood, but mom said only 4? I have no clue. The drugs had kicked in.

So at the hospital, doc basically told me, that without the colonoscopy he could not tell me 100% what I had, but he suspected Crohn’s disease, and pointed out we could not rule out cancer, but he wasn’t saying that. *shrugs* fair enough, even if that is it, I will deal. But he did it nicely. He had an x-ray done just to make sure I didn’t have “mega-colon” or any seriously obvious things going on that would involve admitting me.

(sorry, I have to stop here and just snicker! My love of Supernatural, and “Mega-colon”? I just giggle. Almost wish I did so I could ask Rowena (Ruth) if I could be a member ….)

Anyway, so he more or less gave me the diagnoses of Crohn’s (really, REALLY working on remembering to spell that right. 😉 Probably at the expense of all other words/grammar. hehe). Which, even if it isn’t? And it is some other problem, or even Cancer? It’s NICE to hear a doctor call it SOMETHING, not just “maybe’s”.

So, I came home, managed some sleep, but was woken by the pain and diarrhea. My pain shot from 8 – 9 to 10 – 15 (which if you know me? IS BAD! I don’t feel pain as badly in most situations.) Seriously, I would prefer the pain of a broken foot, my cat bite, even child-birth, hell all at once, over this!

I was an hour away from calling the hospital to go back up when the Prednisone finally kicked in and some relief was found. I managed some more sleep.

Basically the last few days has consisted of me TRYING to make sure I eat, even a little, because not eating makes it worse, but eating is gross. I had loads of egg whites scrambled. And tonight finally managed some homemade soup.

my BMs are getting further apart, only 3 times so far today, and each time is less blood!! Last time had none (that I could tell.) The pain and gross feeling is still lingering, but sitting at a solid 3, with some spikes to 5. So damned near my usually every day feeling!!

I am also thinking I MIGHT be able to have a shower so I can go from 1/4 human to full on half human!

I have been doing research on Crohn’s, and the recommend NO diets, but to keep an eye on what IS a trigger. So, slowly, over the next few weeks as my stomach heals, I will SLOWLY re-introduce my usual foods, and hope for the best.

ALSO, I phone my doc twice today, and he never returned my call. (Receptionist was … rude, ish so fuck knows if doc actually got the message?) SO, if I haven’t heard back from him by wed or Thursdays, I will drop a note off at the hospital for the doctor that helped me (he told me too), so HE can speed up this colonoscopy!!

Well, I am having difficulty paying any sort of attention to posting, (hope spell check catches everything). So think I will try for a shower, then go pass out.

ONE more day to recover …. (Will call in still sick, IF I have to on Wed. But hoping I won’t have to!)

OH, and just a note, I have to tank so many people. “They” say true friends stick by you are your worst, and the last few days have shown me I REALLY do have people who care. Cat, Joce, Katie, AND, of course my family. I don’t know how, or where I would be right now, mentally, physically, if it weren’t for all of you!! THANK YOU!!!

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