Rough times

I have been on a positivity kick for a while now, as you may know if you follow me anywhere  online. You may have also noticed that the positivity tweets had slowed, and stopped completely for a while. There are many reasons for that, and I am not sure where I would start to explain without sounding whiny.

For a bit I kept trying, because for me it had been working to remind me that life might kick you while you are down, but there is usually an end to it at some point. But I also realized something else. Several something elses, actually.

1.) My social media spaces, are just that, mine. And if it helps me to whine, or rant, then so be it. I am not forcing anyone to read my stuff, and frankly if anyone un-follows me? I don’t actually care. Okay, yes. There are a few folks I might be sad to lose, but otherwise? pftt.

2.) As good as being positive can be, sometimes in life you just need to sit in the dark and let it wash over you before you can move on. If you just run right through it you can trip and hurt yourself even more than just sitting there and letting your eyes adjust before moving on slowly.

3.) The one downfall to sitting still in the dark? At first you tend to focus on that dark, and you can imagine all sorts of worse things, and realize just how much crap there is all around. But to move forward, even if at a snail’s pace, sometimes means picking one thing, focusing on that, and move to the next. Much like crossing a river on rocks. You can’t skip ahead, or try to balance on more than one rock, or you WILL fall in.

4.) Sometimes in life you have to accept that you might get a few steps forward, only to find yourself a step back. It might be frustrating as all hell, but remember, you are still moving forward.

5.) There will be times where you see the light at the end, only to have something jump out in front of you and block your path, or even push you back. Panic is the first instinct (for me), but just remember to breathe through it, and try to figure out if it is a mountain, elephant, or a mouse. One you may have to climb, one you may have to move/go around, and one you can deal with. How hard it is, depends entirely on how you see it and handle it.

6.) It’s okay to be frustrated, cry, whine, rant, and any other emotion you may feel. BUT, NEVER, EVER, push that towards the people who are trying to help or care about you. If you need something to direct your emotions towards, let them know. Most of the time they will understand and be forgiving, but if you just spring it on them, it’s hard to get past.

7.) If you DO slip and do #6, just remember, own your mistakes, apologize (if you mean, if you don’t? Well, I have no advice), and try to move in the direction you are now facing.

8.) You are NOT alone. You may not share your exact problems with any one else in the world, but no body has it as easy as it may seem. Everyone has problems. Yes, some people have simplistic, easy to move past problems, but even the most put together, richest person in the world has stubbed a toe or fallen on their face at some point. Just might not have had anyone around to note it. Honestly, there is at least one other person in the world that has almost the same issues as you. Hell, Google your name, chances are there is at minimum, one other person with your exact full name, and probably 10 others with similar name.


Look, life is hard. And yes, some days it might seem easier if you could just get the fuck out. But stop for a second, and think about it. Just how much fun, how good, how fulfilling, how amazing, it feels when you have made it through the rough stuff and have one, glorious, amazing day? If life was easy, man, yeah, it might be nice for a while, but would you really be happy? Or would you find yourself bored out of your skull and end up in trouble JUST to feel something thrilling?

Sure, right this very second I feel like life is trying to fight me no matter what I do, and I may be in one hell of a dark place, but you know what? I’m okay. No matter what happens, I have my husband, I have my son, and I am still on this earth. Besides, worse case scenario? I go have a nap and wait for tomorrow. Because tomorrow might be the same old same old, but it also is a new day, and a chance for something different, maybe even better.

Not sure where these quotes are from, but seems appropriate right now …

“This too shall pass” and “Take it one day at a time”.

OR, to quote the little engine that could, “I think I can. I know I can.”

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