Up hill climb

Us humans are very strange creatures. I mean, animals develop parts of their bodies for specific things, us? we just developed brains. So for the most part we are just bags of meat and fat held up with bones and skin. Not to sturdy if you ask me. And let’s face it, our brain isn’t exactly consistently smart across all humans. Some of us are pretty mediocre.

Plus, I mean, come on! Some of our sayings, and turns of phrases?

Up hill battle – That makes sense (or at least to a couch potatoe like me)

Up [hill] swing (I’ve heard both), used to mean things are getting better. Umm, but climbing the hill is HARD!

It’s all down hill now – Hello? Thank you. I prefer down hill. Oh. Wait, you means it’s going bad now. HOW is down hill bad?


Okay, enough of the examples. I’ll spare you. LOL But, to be serious for a tiny second. I am on my way to higher ground I think. With my health. Bowels haven’t been trying to stab me in almost a week and a half. Still tend to go more often than I prefer, but the pain part if under control. *knock wood* My asthma/lung problems are settling down. Sort of. My breathing at least is MUCH better, and my peak flow is staying in the green zone. Low green, but still green. The cough is lingering a bit too long, but I have a tight rein on it and it seems to be diminishing. Still wheeze and crackle at night, but only if I lay on my left side (of course the side I ALWAYS sleep on – I move very rarely in my sleep. I’m odd). So I am working on staying on my right side.

I am now getting a solid 4 hours of sleep at bedtime, and a spotty 4 hours during nap-time. My hope is to get back to 6 hours and 2 hours, and eventually just 8 or so at bedtime. Part of the weird sleep pattern is from my breathing/lung issues, part is the medication messing with my sleep (should be fully out of my system next day or so), and part is just the aches and pains making it uncomfortable.

Still struggling on keeping hydrated. I’ve never been great with my water intake, and now that I have to up my liquids, I find it even harder. I am lucky my hands only have a few cracks, and the crack in  my lower lip is healing some, though my lips are peeling.

If I took all of my issues/symptoms, minor and major, and listed them, I’d sound like I was falling apart or dying. BUT, really Some are just things I have to live with because of thyroid stuff, or age (fuck, how’d THAT sneak up on me?), or even the meds. Once we figure out my problem, I’d like to think some of them will clear up?

Since my last post last week, I have had my “sit alone in the dark” time, and oddly feel better because of it. Would feel better yet with a week of full sleep …. but, I’ll take this for now. 😉

16 days until my colonoscopy! And maybe answers!

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