2 Steps forward, how many back?

I had a pretty decent day a couple of days ago. The sun had been shining, my pain was down around 2, my bowels were oh so quiet, and hell, even my asthma had improved. I felt almost good!

So, I cleaned. I said I puttered, but that was a lie. I cleaned. I went into the office slash cat room (where their food and litter are), and I moved things, and swept, and washed, and sorted paperwork, and I did it all.

I felt great about getting it done, it made me determined to do one room every few days (or when I felt that good again). But it was short-lived.

First, my asthma flared up again. I had 2 days where my breathing was laboured, and I felt like I just couldn’t get air, plus the coughing that comes with it.

Then my bowels became angry. Now, I have to be fair here. The bowels might not be from over doing it. It could be because fresh good food is expensive and cheap canned/frozen/processed is cheap. AND when you are borrowing money*, you need to go as cheap as possible to stretch your money. So, that means cheap food. Normally, when my bowels are okay, that sort of thing is not a trigger, BUT, because they just do not seem to be recovering this time (We are officially at the month mark with this damned thing), I would place money that it is adding to an already rough situation.

I have not gotten as bad as the night I went to the hospital. *knock on wood* But, I have come close, and my bathroom visits are ramping up again. With only 6 days (if you count today) before I start my cleanse, I had hoped my bowels would be a bit … happier, before starting it. 😦  Will make for a very rough few days.



* We are waiting on 2 cheques. On is in the hundreds which is the return of the deposit on hubby’s CPAP machine (can’t afford to keep it, and no extended health right now). And the second is an insurance cheque. One of the tenants backed into our car. It’s visually a bad scrap/dent in the back passenger door, but, not a big deal. But would sure come in handy while I am off work. PLUS, STILL waiting for a decision on my EI. IF they approve me, then I should be getting 3 of the 4 weeks I’ve been off. Only about 50% of what I would have made, but still money.


NO, I do NOT want ANYONE offering me money, or giving me money. I just want the cheques to come in, last week!  Hard part? we have one tenant that tends to get some of our mail (we are 89% sure). He got my passport once, and tried to go get it himself! And we do not get some bills, and bio-sis said she sent me a Christmas card, still never got it. SO, I worry this asshat has gotten the cheques and cashed them. AND if he couldn’t, just threw it away. (he really is an ass-hole. Seriously, even his “friends” will tell you that.)


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