Rough night

I am having one of those “Why am I even here” moments.

Other than my health, I can’t quite figure out why I am feeling this way right now. I mean, it can’t all just be because of my health? Well, it can, and probably is, it just seems odd that it is choosing now to make my brain shut down.

I know I’ll get over it, and I can tell this won’t last long, more of a blah than depression. Feels different.

I hate whining, yet, if I don’t vent here, or twitter, or wherever, then I am pretty sure I’d explode. Hubby has been great, but I also don’t fully unload on him because of his anxiety I worry that my problems will be too much for him …

I don’t know. I just am so damned tired of being sick. Plus I can NOT shake this fucking asthma/allergy, and I am worried they will turn me away from my scopes when I show up having trouble breathing. BUT, it is too close to it for me to take Prednisone, and I have already had so much of that stuff.


I just want to be healthy again, or at least healthier.

I also wish I could crawl in a hole or warm cave and just stay there.

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