TMI: Turn away now!

I implore you, unless you have a very high tolerance to icky stuff that comes out of a person’s body, do not read any further!

Believe me, when I tell you that I thought I had prepared enough for the colonoscopy prep. But trust me when I say, you can NEVER be prepared for it.

I have been through a lot with my bowels. Too hard, too soft, liquid, mucous, blood, sweat, and even tears. I have run the whole spectrum of what can come out of an ass. I have felt all sort of weird sensations. And what sent me to the hospital? I figured I was able to handle what would come with the medication they are having me take.

The saddest part? I haven’t even gotten to the strong stuff yet! I have only done the first batch. The prep for the prep. Seriously. MAYBE if I had been able to sleep? Maybe if my bowels weren’t already so damned angry? Maybe if my asthma and body weren’t inflamed along with my bowels? maybe, maybe, maybe. SO many maybe’s.

But that doesn’t really matter does it? No, what matters right now is what I am going through. I will tell you as truthfully as I can, the pain is not as bad as I have had in the past, but from all the research I have done, it is a bit disconcerting as to what I am going through.

First of all, from all I read? It should have only taken 5 – 8 hours for my bowels to become active and somewhat bloated and crampy. It took almost 12 hours before I even felt any movement. I will guess that has to do with the fact I was trying to be proactive and started the liquid diet a day early? But I don’t actually know.

But once it kicked in, it felt much like someone was wringing my bowels dry, much like you would twist a wash cloth to remove the excess water before hanging it to dry. It isn’t even that I am going a lot, it is just that when I do go, it is not normal. Less normal that usual.

Let’s face, I don’t know that I have EVER had a “normal” bowel movement. Not by average standards. (you can read past posts for more on how long that’s been going on) But this, right from the first BM, it was string thin, and broken apart, like a bucket of worms. Actually, yeah, a bucket of night-crawlers without the wriggling. Usual (for me) amount of mucous coating it, but LOTS of blood. I almost never get blood until third movement of the day, and them, not usually this much unless I have pushed or felt labour style pains and need to bear down. I didn’t even strain the teeniest amount, and there was lots of blood.

Second movement, much the same, but less of it, and less mucous. This last movement felt like I had needles inside of my vagina, and my colon. Very little fecal matter, but 4 or 5 quarter sized clots, and what I can only describe as a plug of mucous. It was very startling to say the least. Especially when I have now gone approximately 26 – 36 hours without sleep. ( I honestly can’t remember if I slept at naps yesterday? if not, could be almost 40 hours without sleep)

I am amazed at how well my brain is functioning at this point. But admit, I am becoming worried on if I will ever sleep again (before they put me under tomorrow). in just over 30 minutes I start the first dose of the second phase. And if this is supposed to be the “rough part” I am really considering calling the hospital to ask if I can take 5 Percocet!! (okay, I am kidding, but it would be nice if I was allowed even ANY sort of medication for this pain!)

Taking a quick look at what I have typed … I can’t really read it, my eyes are crossed, I hope it makes sense? I am just glad I have spell check, I see loads and loads of red underlines.

The one positive in all this, is my asthma (for now) appears to be under control. Still not ideal, and I have no more prednisone. Couldn’t take it even if I did. Tooth and jaw are beginning to hurt again, but I think that is from the coughing and pain? I catch myself clenching my jaw, and am trying very hard to relax.

Well, that’s enough from me. I should go mix up the next stage now.

If I don’t make it, I love you all. Except you, you know who you are. YOU I loathe. hehe

If I DO make it? They better fucking find an answer to my problems. Or this just is NOT worth it. (but, I am a good girl, I would do it again just for a clean bill of health. OR FUCKING ANSWERS!!! )

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