Appointment tomorrow

Okay, this post is more for me than anyone else. I just find I remember things better if I make lists, notes, and talk about them. So, since my poor hubby and son are sick to death of my whining about my health, and I have my doctor’s appointment tomorrow, I figured I’d bore all you lovely people! *crickets* umm Okay, the single one or two that accidentally stumble on this post. 😉

Things I NEED to try to remember for tomorrow:

1.) Get my results (if done)

Depending on results, discuss the following as well (to find answers):

2.) What the fuck are these red swollen blotches under my eyes that itch like fucking hell!?? AHHHH

3.) Why the hell are my lymph nodes in my neck CONSTANTLY going crazy? Giving me this odd pressure/achy thing in my chest, neck, shoulder. Sort of like the feeling before passing out, but with out the light-headed feeling. It’s a gross feeling more than painful.

3 b.) Is my neck, shoulders, and headache connected to said lymph node problems?

3 c.) For that matter, is EVERYTHING connected? do I have “the cancer”? Am I possessed? Am I dying? (Other than the fact everyone is TECHNICALLY dying. duh)

4.) Asthma still being a bitch. Is it even asthma now? Wait, should this be 3 d?

5.) (or 4?) BLOOD TESTS PLEASE! test me for everything. I mean, anything that would cause lymph nodes to go wonky, and my lungs (they seem to be at the same time?)

6.) Under my eyes are REALLY itchy, please help! I look like I’ve been beaten up.

7 Like, really itchy. Could I be dying? No, wait, that’s not what I want to say. I mean …

What was I saying? See? THIS is why I need to talk it out first. UGH.

I swear, I think my body is trying to escape. Because if it isn’t one thing with me, it’s another, or a combination of things all at once! Like what The hell? I am worse than a crappy appliance from Wal-Mart. Hit the end of the warranty and *BOOM* it dies a horrible fiery death.


You know, on the positive side? my bowels seem to have settled in to normal routine! Pain is holding steady around 2 (more just uncomfortable than pain), which is my usual all the time feeling. YAY, normal for me.

Of course, my lymph node(s) in my neck are getting smaller and less painful, but still bugging me. All that means I will wake up tomorrow and be 100% healthy and well rested for my appointment …

Okay, so much for this. I give up.

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